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  1. A local radio station in Phoenix, 93.3KDKB just announced Robert Plant will be performing in Phoenix this summer. I don't see anything on his official website about a tour. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  2. I don't drink kool-aid. Can't stand the stuff. And I'd like to be your friend. After all, we're all here because we love Zep. I love them as a unit as well as individuals. All this slamming Robert Plant and the name calling infuriates me. I've never seen any of the other members of Zep referred to in the derogatory fashion that Robert draws. It's immature and uncalled for. That's why I finally had to reply to a derogatory comment. We don't know what drives their motives and we don't need to know. It's really none of our business. I just want to enjoy all the music, past, present
  3. My guess is he wanted to distance himself from Zeppelin, as has been pointed out many times before, and what better way to do that than to sell the royalties. He wanted to make it on his own. It's a mental and self-satisfaction sort of thing. I'm stunned that a "Bong-Man Reefer Man" wouldn't understand this. What a dumb ass!
  4. Symphonic Led Zeppelin and Symphonic Queen is going to be in Phoenix this weekend. Every time I hear a commercial with Randy Jackson of Zebra singing Led Zeppelin, I thank God for Robert Plant!
  5. Hey, I love NASCAR (Jeff Gordon my fave driver)and Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant my fave)and I'm not a redneck hick! I also love the Indianapolis Colts, Boston Celtics, my 5 papillons, oh, and my husband too! Just a few of my diverse interests. I'd guess Ted Nugent, who I also view as a narrow-minded jerk, referenced Jimmy and wiping the slobber from his face to the times when Jimmy would have saliva trailing from his gaping mouth practically to the stage floor in one slobbery string. I actually have this filmed on some bootleg video footage. It seems the concert was in Brazil, but I don
  6. Your Cavi is adorable! I have 5 papillons, most are or have show dogs at some point in their life. I LOVE showing them at dog shows! LZ A-Z is over now
  7. Go to WLUP.COM and click on listen live. Chicago's Loop is playing the entire Zep catalog A-Z all day today. Cool!
  8. I can't see Robert needing the money. I'd say he did it to distance himself from Zeppelin and in his mind, give himself a fresh start. He loved Zeppelin and hated Zeppelin at the same time. He loved Zeppelin for the fine music they created, for all the fun and crazy times, for the adventure. He hated Zeppelin for the bad times, the involvement in drugs which dragged the band down, and the death of his child and best friend. I know that's how I'd feel about the situation.
  9. But there is only one Robert Plant!!!
  10. I love your username, I own a Pappilon dog, they are cute and aewsome =P

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