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  1. Achilles Last Stand,Stairway to Heaven,Nobody's fault but mine,Dazed and Confused,In The Evening,Good times.bad times...
  2. In my humble opinion,this would be the ideal Zep setlist: Immigrant Song Black Dog Communication Breakdown Over The Hills And Far Away Going To California The Battle Of Evermore Dazed And Confused TSRTS Whole Lotta Love/Rock N Roll Trampled Under Foot Ten Years Gone Nobody's Fault But Mine Moby Dick Black Mountain Side/White Summer Kashmir Heartbreaker Jimmy's Guitar Solo/The Train Kept A Rolling In The Evening All My Love (Encore) Achille's Last Stand Stairway to Heaven LONG LIVE LED FREAKIN' ZEPPELIN!!!
  3. Check out 1977 bootlegs,TYG was a constant number,i'm sure you'll find some great versions.Jimmy's live solos on the telecaster were killers,seriously...
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