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  1. I prefer amp overdrive,but i often use a Boss DS-1,it's a great pedal which delivers many classic rock tones.
  2. Yes he used a Lake Placid blue Strat for In The Evening,and in a couple of songs in Presence.Lovely guitar and sound!He also used another sunburst strat in Physical Graffiti(The Crunge,etc) Ramble on!
  3. If you love the guitar,and practise,you can do anything!It will be really helpfull if you learn to play the blues.Jimmy's playing is based on the blues,but it's in the hard rock form.
  4. No,you're wrong!The Fender Telecaster is one of Jimmy's favourite guitars! He used a 1958 model(a gift from Jeff Beck)with The Yardbirds,on the first Led Zeppelin album,on the 1968-1969 tour,and on the Stairway to Heaven solo.It was almost ruined in 1971(@%$#) after an idiot painted it without Jimmy's permission.After that only the neck pickup worked He got a 1953 model in 1975,and used on Presence,on In Through The Out Door,Knebworth concerts,in the 1980 tour,and with the Firm!In 1978 he swaped the maple neck with the rosewood from his 1958 model. He also had a 1966 cream colored model,wh
  5. I actually didn't see the other thread ok?Anyway...
  6. What's the big deal about this?I just wanted to show my respect to John Bonham and the band...
  7. Jimmy used a 1958 Telecaster(a gift from Jeff Beck) on the first Led Zeppelin album,for the Stairway to Heaven solo(through a Supro 1624T),and during his Yardbirds era.1958 models are extremely rare and wonderful guitars.It was ruined sometime in 1971 by an idiot who tried to paint it without Jimmy's permission.Also,Jimmy got a 1953 Telecaster in 1975 and painted in dark red/brown and used it on Presence,In Through The Out Door and with The Firm.In 1978 he removed the maple neck,and installed the rosewood neck from his 1958 Tele.You can get a 1952 reissue Telecaster to ''replicate'' his sound.
  8. I have a 1952 reissue Fender Telecaster and a 1986 Yamaha FG 335-II acoustic!!Words simply can't describe how wonderful and versatile these babies are !!!I'm playing her (the Fender) through a Fender Pro Junior.I'm also about to buy a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus soon!!!
  9. I hate it when players use pedals as ''talent boosters'',although if used properly,you can give a nice flavour in your sound.I'd say that the MXR Phase 90,the Vox wah-wah,the Boss Super Overdrive,and the MXR Distortion plus,are great.But still,i prefer the oldschool ''Guitar straight in the amp'' combination!
  10. I'd say that songs like,Achilles Last Stand (a favourite),The Rover,The Lemon Song,and In The Evening deserved more spotlight.Wonderful songs by the way...
  11. 30 years ago,John Henry Bonham died.His death marked the end of Led Zeppelin,and the loss of a great person,and quite possibly,the best drummer ever... Robert Plant stated that ''The minute Bonzo died,Led Zeppelin didn't exist anymore.''But his legacy along with Zeppelin still lives.Nobody will ever forget ''Bonzo'' and the greatest Hard Rock band!
  12. Great!!!Sounds cool!!The Stones are my favourite band,and i'll be pleased with this deluxe remaster!I just wish i'd been able to see them live...
  13. I'm about to buy a new amp,(a Marshall possibly),and lately i'm very interested for a JCM 800.As a hardcore Zeppelin fan i would normally go for a 1959 Super Lead Plexi or a JTM 45 combo,although i don't have that much money...So i thought that the JCM 800 would be a good idea because of it's quality and sounds.Does anybody here use that model?I really need to know if it's good at producing our beloved vintage Zeppelin tones.Actually i'd like to mention that Zep(mostly) turned me to Marshalls. P.S I'm interested in buying the combo version.
  14. As Jimmy once said "For me,the guitar solo is something that you fly on it,but within the song's text" Like Jimmy,a good soloist is a good guitarist.I mean that at the beggining you have to train a lot,but after that,you'be able to express yourself through it,.As mentioned before,today's most bands don't have much talent,that's why unfortunately we're losing the art of soloing.I'm almost 16,and i actually hate today's bands (i only listen to music from the 50's to the 70's,like the Rolling Stones),most of them are talentess softcore faggots,who are unable to play music,and let computers do mo
  15. I know i'm a bit late,but still i'd like to state that all Rock n Roll fans must thank John Paul Jones for his contributions to our beloved genre.An incredible bassist,multi-instrumentalist,and innovator,Jonesy composed with Zeppelin some of the greatest songs off all time,for example Black Dog,Heartbreaker (his riffs,he actually gave form to them),Whole Lotta Love,Since I've Been Loving You,Rock And Roll,and his writing skills affected the whole Progressive sound of In Through The Out Door,and Zeppelin's in general.Also,his inspiring,and incredible basslines on songs like Achilles Last Stand,
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