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  1. Do not burn me at the stake for blasphemy, but I do not like either song especially well. Though it isn't one of my favourites I would much rather listen to No Quarter than Dazed. In fact, I do not like Dazed very much at all.
  2. Personally, I always loved his Tele's. He always was quite more expressive it seemed, through them....though, I find humbucker guitars like his Les Pauls(RIP) to be better sounding in a sense of full tone. I doubt anyone can deny the visual effect of the Double necked SG
  3. How do soldiers shooting each other solve the worlds problems?

  4. To the singer of rocks greatest band....have a good one Robert, and here's to many more to come!!!!
  5. Have you heard that he is supposed to be putting out a new album by the years end....and is making two other "Real Illusions" Discs?
  6. So, Steve Vai is one of my favourite players and biggest influences. I know I'm not alone in this respect. Speak up Vai fans. I'll start. Fave Album-Passion and Warfare Fave Song-Frank
  7. At school we had a "music day" on which everybody brought their instruments to school. Being the most musically advanced out of everyone there, i was called a showoff multiple times. i explainedthe difference between being good and being a show off. so now i am a showoff and an asshole.
  8. Sabbath has been such a huge influence on my playing, i know almost all the songs from the first 5 albums on guitar, though my current fave is their song "Black Sabbath"
  9. Killswitch Engage on September 11th in Thunder Bay Ontario.....along with in flames and between the buried
  10. It was a tragic death following a most influential life. RIP Les Paul. You will be sorely missed
  11. Sounds good...not my faves, but i dig those bands too
  12. I heard that Bonzo once got so drunk at a gig that as he began to sweat he would take off his clothes. Before anyone knew what was going on, the cops had grabbed both his arms and you could watch his bare arse disappearing as they carried him off!
  13. My last CD bought was Dream Theatres new album-"Black Clouds and Silver Linings". Wicked CD!!!!!
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