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    I'm into music of multiple genres and sub-genres (Not Rap!), I like looking at the insides of computers, and I would like to learn to play the harmnoica, which I hopefully will soon.
  1. Last year KKMA 99.5 started broadcasting it on 5 o'clock Saturday's, n\but now they have it at 7 o'clock right before the "House Of Blues Rdio Hour".
  2. What artists do you feel are some of the best in this genre? I like Zed Zep (of course), Aerosmith ("Honkin' On Bobo" exspecialy), Cream (Take it Back" & "Outside Woman Blues" off "Disraeli Gears"), and George Thorogood to name a few. All in all it's a pretty sweet genre don't ya think?
  3. Some off the most common reasons, to me, would be that someone from Atlantic Records didn't like it, a member didnt like it( most likely Jimmy), there might not have been enough room, or they figured collectors would like to buy the single since there was a song that wasn't from "Led Zeppelin III".
  4. On Saturday nights at around 7:00 one of my classic rock station's starts off with Carel Miller's Get The Led Out at Seven, then there is at eight they have Elwood Blues(Dan Akroyd of The Blues Brothers) has The House Of Blues Radio Hour which I sometmes listen to (but not often), and at around Nine I listen to The Classics. Other then that I don't really listen to many.
  5. What are some of your favorite harmonica in a Led Zeppelin song? I like "Nobody's Fault But Mine". Does anybody know what key of harmonica Robert played in it?
  6. As of right now I don't play any but with my b-day comming up I hopefully will get a Hohner Special 20 Diatonic harmonica keyed in C.
  7. My absolute favorite would be the Cherry EDS-1275.
  8. I think that there isn't, wasn't, and never will be a "Greatest Band" I mean if anyone where to listen to Led Zeppelin none stop for say 14 hours you would get sick of it and would want to listen to something else, so if you where to say that Zeppelin is the greatest band befor it you're opininon would change.
  9. My personnel fav. would be "The Ocean" and my second would be "The Rain Song". A funny story: When I first heard "The Ocean" I didn't know the title of it, I could only remember the riff and I had a hunch it was on "Houses" and when I heard the song again and I wrote down a few lyrics and I found out the title, and I was presently suprised that it was on "Houses".
  10. Mine would be to play all instruments good including a Cherry Red Gibson EDS-1275.
  11. I'm what david Bowie would call a "Young American" so I live in America.
  12. I'm about 5'7 I'm about average in terms of both age and height in this forum.
  13. Not meaning to be mean or anything but Jones didn't compose the bass in "Dazed & Confused" it's actually from the original song titled "Dazed & Confused" that Jimmy re-wrote.
  14. Right now I'm 16, will be 17 in 26 days.
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