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  1. trying to study

  2. ufff...thank you...i thought it would sound stupid,but now i'm very honored of having written it!!!
  3. even if i deeply admire jimmy for his great job with zepp over the years,i have to admit that jimi is my favorite musician.i adore zepp and i was really excited the period when there was circulating the voice of the reunion,i was so happy while thinking of being on a concert,but unfortunately it didn't happen...(...i was so obsessed with the guys that every day when waking up,the first things i would look a the internet were ''led zeppelin news'' ...this period lasted for over an year and i was really deeply disappointed when robert said that he would continue his career with alison...i kno
  4. hello to everyone!i'm a 18 years old girl from croatia who started listening led zepp a few years ago.I just wanted to say thanks to each of you for having posted all those beautiful pics of my (our)heroes and giving so many information about them sorry if sometimes my english isn't understandable..i'm trying to do my best
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