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  1. wow, that's ridiculous. a slap in the face to Jason AND John. Dave's great, but come on...
  2. Achilles Last Stand Heartbreaker Immigrant Song Houses of the Holy The Ocean
  3. i read at a GN'R forum that everyone's favorite recluse Axl Rose was there, as well.
  4. the 'ooooooooooohhhhh yea!' in Kashmir where Robert hits the high notes.
  5. aw, man...i was excited when i saw that on the set. ha, thanks for the info though, bro!
  6. i read somewhere they played Custard Pie in between Trampled Underfoot and Nobody's Fault But Mine. is this just b.s.?
  7. i hope so. they sounded GREAT at the O2, and that was one of the things Robert was waiting for. Jimmy and Jonsey were both pretty amped about doing a tour, and Robert sounded outstanding last night. so hopefully somethin will happen. Jimmy would be pissed if they didn't, i reckon. he said somethin like 'if we didn't plan on touring, we shouldn't've taken the cat out of the bag in the first place'.
  8. awesome! thanks for that! they deleted the other TSRTS earlier, i wanted to hear this one the most from the whole show. thanks!
  9. Levee, followed closey by Going to California.
  10. Prince-Purple Rain (i dunno if you guys consider him a band or not...) U2-Beautiful Day Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine Alice Cooper-School's Out Iron Maiden-Run to the Hills Judas Priest-You Got Another Thing Coming KISS-Rock and Roll All Nite Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody Amboy Dukes-Journey To the Center of the Mind Thin Lizzy-The Boys are Back in Town
  11. GN'R Appetite--->GN'R Lies--->Use Your Illusion I/II Alice in Chains Facelift--->Sap--->Dirt
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