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  1. Well I see now why alot of people dont like it that much... But hey there's a couple who love that album, thanks for the posts!
  2. HEY! Wtf am I the only one that thinks Led Zeppelin III was their best album? I mean acoustic guitar sounds great and the sounds are great! Plus Jimmy's solos are great like in "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp". The media said a bunch of shit about that album... I need to find people that love that album! Just so I can restore my faith in HUMAN kind!
  3. Where was this taken at??? :l and how awesome would it had been to go up front to a train or plane and see those two reading xD
  4. Im gonna go see Roger in ten days with Eric Clapton here on Florida, but It will be awesome to see Jimmy Page, but if Jimmy is coming back... why not come back with Robert?
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