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  1. My favorite era for the band as a whole was the 71 tour, after they recorded IV. Stuff like BBC Sessions, Orlando, and Osaka.
  2. The Song Remains the Same version certainly isn't underrated by me - I think it's incredible. I listened to 3.21.73 the other night and that was pretty amazing, especially the drumming. It cut in during the first solo tho. I also really like watching the Earls Court version from the 24th - it's extra nice to have the visuals with that song.
  3. listened to some of 3.11.75 Long Beach yesterday... damn, fuckin amazing. Especially good Stairway
  4. Just watched Knebworth 1990.. wow... the energy, the cosmic energy!
  5. Orlando 71. Maybe the best show I've ever heard, so far. They're all just on fire, especially Jimmy. And I like the sound.
  6. I wonder what that version of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You sounded like? JPJ strumming or fingerpicking acoustic? Can't really imagine him fingerpicking, but who knows, he's a man of many talents. And I wonder if Jimmy was just sort of doing fills throughout on the pedal steel?
  7. ... that have nothing to do with the thread My favorite is 3/7/70. The LA 75 stuff sounds really good too. I've never really loved the sound of the LA 77 stuff as much as others... just don't get down with the 8 string bass, the band just doesn't sound that full to me.
  8. Yeah apparently the organ wasn't recorded so it wasn't on the dvd.
  9. Which ones? I've only heard maybe Battle of Evermore
  10. Wow, never thought I'd see Jimmy Page with a cross on... he always was wearing roses before then.
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