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  1. ALL guitar tabs from Ultimate guitar are blocked to UK users. Try sorting cookies out on your PC........I did, worked for me. It annoys me Guitar World and other magazines condemn the on-line tabs sites.............dunno why, they've always been excellent!
  2. Because the article wasn't at all relevant to the story. The bloke who's been done probably had MANY subjects that he held in high esteem, but none news-worthy as they are not relevant. As the journalist found the Crowley connection 'news-worthy' he went with it. As the new generation of readers probably haven't heard of Crowley, he thought he'd throw in the Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin connection in for maximum effect. Put it this way, if I was an avid devotee of Crowley and my friends and family knew it, and THAT story with the inclusion of the Crowley article was published, hinting 'followe
  3. I totally agree with you, never read so much right wing tosh in my life. However, I NEVER buy it...........I read it for free as its delivered to my workplace, along with Times, Telegraph, Express and Daily Mirror. Oh, I DON'T work at McDonalds, but an Officers Mess
  4. Big article in yesterdays Daily Mail (UK Newspaper) featuring a nutty religious order and abuse of under-age children. It had a sub-article likening it to Aleister Crowley that went on to say Crowley had many fans and followers, which THEN featured a passage Jimmy said years ago about Crowley being ahead of his time and being mis-understood. So, an article on abuse of children that was bad enough, but to throw in sub-articles that had NO merit no worthy of inclusion in the original article featuring Jimmy page, was just a snide trick if you ask me.
  5. I scanned and posted a decent article on SwanSong a few weeks ago. I now have September's Classic Rock edition that features a 12 page spread on the making of Physical Graffiti. Does anyone want me to scan/post it? I DOUBT very much is new to the die-hards here, but for the others, its a decent read. Let me know
  6. After todays result against manchester United by his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers, I expect Robert will be having a few beers later!!
  7. Hmmmmmmm, its come out in a different order to how I posted it, page 1 is titled Houses of the Holy and reads across to Grant and Jimmy, then next set reads from bare chested Paul Rodgers pics to Knebworth backstage pic with pic of Peter Grant.......you die-hards will figure it out. Happy reading!!
  8. Here you go, you lucky people.......apologies if it breaches copyright, if so, please delete it
  9. Suprised no one has commented on the EXCELLENT feature in the latest UNCUT magazine (English publication) regarding the history of SwanSong and some great photos and anecdotes. I am more than happy to scan and post here, does it infringe copyright etc or can I do it?
  10. I met The Police in early 1980, and found Sting and Andy Summers really decent blokes.......Sting had a Geordie accent back then! Considering just how huge they had become in 18 months didn't seem to faze them. They happily autographed my Regatta de Blanc LP and my 2 coloured vinyl 7" singles. Now, just as they did that, Stewart Copeland showed up with his brother, Miles who was The Police tour manager........what a contrast, a pair of tossers..........Stewart didn't sign as his brother told me 'he's busy', to which Andy Summers said to me, 'Don't worry, he's American!' Pity what became of
  11. My question would be...... 'Did you enjoy putting The Edge and Jack White in their places on 'It Might Get Loud'? I certainly enjoyed Jimmy speaking over The Edge.......but credit where its due, young Jack White showed Jimmy a LOT of respect.
  12. Is this the only model tuned in DADGAD that Jimmy plays? I believe his '59 Gibson is tuned to regular EADGBe, but whenever I have seen him play Kashmir, he uses the Danelectro.
  13. Alex probably stole the show as 'Diamond Dave' is a washed up has-been, Wolfie is still a kid learning the ropes, and Eddie is usually leathered on vodka!!
  14. Hello, thought I'd say hello and to say what a great looking forum this is! Noticed this seems a very friendly place, unlike some forums out there that are guarded and cold towards new members, but this looks a higher standard than others out there. OK, Zep? Was never a fan to start with, I grew up on UK punk rock that detested the 'dinosaurs of arena rock', but I think that was aimed at YES and ELP, However, when the NWOBHM kicked in, I started to warm to some of the bands and everyone said 'you should try Led Zep!!' I was suprised that I knew a few of their songs other than 'Whole Lotta L
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