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  1. Yeah I have read this has to be a factor as we all know how Bonzo loved his drink. But I read in When Giants Walked The Earth that Jimmy gave JPJ and Bonzo a book of magick runes and Bonzo picked this one as it symbolised the bond between mother father and son.
  2. How about Zep-reps. As in those representin' the mighty Zeppelin. Or you could say you were in a state of Zep-nosis.
  3. Has to be 'Stairway'. It's a Cliche but you couldn't pick a better song for a cliche. I play 'Stairway' all the time on my guitar and I just love the 12 string in the track simple yet brillant. A solo which needs no commentary and heart-renching vocals. After that it's 'When The Levee Breaks' But the whole album is amazing.
  4. What's up everyone. Guess what another Led Zeppelin fan.

  5. in a status of perpetual bordome

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