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  1. HaHa! I understand. If a post is too long, people may not want to read it. I have found that if a long post is bulleted like a list, that can make it seem more inviting. Anyway, "...rivers always reach the sea" Rock on!
  2. Not at all boring!! That is why we gather here, from all over the world- To share our love for the mighty ZEP!!
  3. Honestly I always thought that the cover to the third album was kind of cheezy. The lettering was so soft and not very Zeppelinesque. The revolving wheel was cool but not enough to make up for the lame cover. The first two album covers in contrast looked as ballsy as the music they contained. Zep III is their worst cover imho but containing a superlative collection of tunes, dgmr Dont flip out on me Zep-nation....
  4. Yeah, he really does sing fast on that one! Great tune though, best on the album. I understand most of the AAAAHHHHHHs.
  5. Kiwi, that line actually makes sense!! Maybe that's realy it?? Do you know what the lyric is?
  6. Wait...you mean it's not "Oh Georgina!?" ....is it "Oh my Jesuh....?" Oh s**t dead serious, listening to Presence & just heard another one... "Gotta hit that conga line.....nobody's fault but mine!" There must be a million of 'em!!!
  7. Amen! that's just what I'm saying. As fun as I'm sure a Zep concert was (I was five when Bonzo died), the music couldn't possibly compare to the albums. Jimmy is great but he can't be in three or four places at once...or can he?
  8. I think its 50 cent hat, but I always thought it was 50 cent hand, as in a very poor poker hand not worth betting more than a half-dollar on... I still sing purple operator instead of umbrella!! Sooo funny
  9. Yep..Tellin' her friends, I think
  10. This is always a fun discussion. We all know "Scuse me while I kiss this guy" and "There's a bathroom on the right." But specificaIly for Zeppelin tunes only- I was just listening to Mysty Mountain Hop and had to laugh because there's a line I have had wrong all these years and even when I found out the real lyric, I sing it my way when it comes on: "...he asked us, said please hey WHOOPIE CAT...to all get in line" I know it's really "WOULD WE CARE", but I can't change my brain. Do you have any others like that????
  11. Don't get me wrong...notin' against greatest hits albums. I know lots of people hate them, and many a band has their "greatest" stuff elsewhere, but they are a good way to get the feel of a band. Its just that I wasn't a consumer of the Zep collections because I had the albums before the collections were released. Anything that intros a brain to the magesty of the Migthty Led Zeppelin is way coo wit me!! Rock on
  12. Thanks for the welcome, lots of cool ideas from the young, old and older! I must have missed Mothership...Wasn't is a collection or something else altogether? Also, If you are looking for a sweet collection, check out the BBC Sessions, the early stuff is mindblowing!!
  13. Cool. I just got the Muse cd and I have read 1984 a couple of times over the years. I will keep my ear out for the Orwellian influence. Zeppelin fans are wickid smaht!!
  14. Haha, funny you should ask because I am only about 35 pages into it so far (with 1350 to go!!). They say its the best novel ever written, so I'm going to give it a chance. I am usually a non-fiction guy but historical fiction can be great also. I am a big fan of Stienbeck. I've read about 18 of his books in the last couple of years. He has a wonderful way of providing a historically accurate and believable milieu within which to create ficticious characters. ...on another tangent: I love to listen to music while I read, am I the only one? My wife needs absolute silence to read and I wonder which one of us is (more) insane. Thoughts?
  15. I may be in the minority here, but with the possible exception of the SRTS version of SIBLY, I don't hink any live Zep can compare to the studio versions. There is one simple reason for this: Guitar overdubs. On live versions, you only hear the rhythm section durring the solos, and while Jonsey and Bonzo are the best ever, the backing rhythm guitar riffs durring the solos on the albums are ESSENTIAL to the delivery of the songs for me. Zeppelin is by far my favorite band ever, but the only performer whose live stuff is better than the studio is my man Bob Seger!!!
  16. I have to say I was surprised that my fav (No Quarter) was in the lead!! It was a tough choice for me. This is my favorite album because of its continuity and diversity. That seems like an oxymoron, but this album flows like no other and at the same time, no two tunes are alike. I absolutely love all the tunes on this album and could have voted for any of them on any given day, but The Crunge is certainly last on the list.
  17. I had to vote for ICQYB but I was saddened to do so. This is a depresing topic, its like choosing which of your dogs to kick or which of your children to lock out of the house. I think i may have to just watch when we get to my more beloved albums
  18. This is tough because I got into Zep after all of the albums were out. Older fans (I'm 35) may say start at the first one and do it naturally, but I may give him or her a copy of Physical Graffitti and let the chips fall where they may. I got the albums in a wierd order: II In through.. IV I Houses... Physical... III (my fav. overall) Presence Coda
  19. What is and What Should Never Be....because of the SWEEEEEET bassline!! The tempo changes in that tune are amazing also. It is the most complete song without any virtuoso performances on it such as can be heard on WLL, HB and MD. Don't get me wrong, this is the album that got me into ZEP but I'm just sayin'
  20. A couple of the best lines ever are from the Police: "I gues you'd call it suicide, but I'm too full to swallow my pride." and from the Clash: "London is drowning and I live by the river!" The Clash line is from London Calling, I love the Clash even though they called Zeppelin "Dinosaurs" The Police line is from Can't Stand Losing You. I will always remember the day Jerry Garcia died, I was working as a line cook durring the lunch rush with the local clasic rock station (100.7 WZLX) blasting in the background, and someone requested that tune for Jerry. I always listen to that song in a different way now. Another great line I used for my senior quote "There comes a time within everyone to close your eyes to what's real." Pantera 1992
  21. Wow, I'm in the middle of a bunch of books right now. A few of them I am reading for the second time. Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain The Lakota Way by J.M. Marshall III Seeker of Visions by John Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes The Sacred Pipe by Joseph Epes Brown War and Peace by Tolstoy A Life Wild and Perilous by Robert M. Utley The Short Reign of Pippin IV by Steinbeck
  22. What's your name? Who's your Daddy?
  23. There is definitely more than one Vocal track in use here. Robert may be singing one of them, but it doesn't take Columbo to figure out that there is at least one backing track. It seems that the drummer is in his own world as well.
  24. First it was In The Light. I love the slow groove and power of the riff. The vocal is insanely smooth also. I spent lots of time inbetween Rover and Custard Pie. Then it was Trampled Underfoot. But after many years of close listening and consideration, Ten Years Gone is not only the best song on the album, but their best track period! It has all of the greatest elements of a great Zep tune. Still brings a tear to my eye. I fell in love with Physical when I was in 7th grade and now almost 25 years later it still does the trick !!
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