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  1. Led Zepplin, like many of the early English bands have often spoke of their strong influences from American grass roots music. In the limited space that I have, I decided to make my tribute essentially old school. We simply can not pay enough honor to these legacies. This has been difficult to put into a capsule! It would take me at least a week to cover a good portion of the deserving one's. Regarding the Michael Jackson/Bob Fosse link: I do not mean to imply any distraction from the acclaim that MJ so richly deserves. For example, I see the influences of Fred Astaire through out Gen
  2. Sent you a message, buddy. Anyone else having problems? Should I post a forum reply on this?
  3. My apology to you for having distracted from the theme that you intended. At the time, I was feeling (what I thought) a patriotic need to "vent." No harm intended, but again you have my apology.
  4. We need to keep this play list forum going. Hey BBQ and havin' a good time is year round. It's our duty and delight in being prepared.
  5. Working on my play list for this 4th of July. Just started it and came up with the "for sure's" ZZ Top (and lot's of them) Alan Jackson (esp. "Good Time" and "Chatahoochee" Jimmy Buffett Lot's of Motown Martina McBride Elvis Got to go finish up on this now. What cha' all playin' ?
  6. At the company that I work, many have to work this 4th. I felt lucky for not being one of them and just returned from dropping of a food contribution for a employee lunch to be held later today. My donation was surrounded by mojo pork, black beans and rice, plantains, etc. This makes me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same thing happens in Miami on Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, the above events will also be celebrated with little or no English and Latino music. This is not about my expressing hate. I just know that I am on the edge of speaking up the next time that I am
  7. I'm going to omit the old Zep recordings, I think that's a given here. My "most" played can vary from week to week, this is the most recent. Sorry, going to use just one # here to indicate the entire works of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, "Raising Sand"Alison Krauss- Down to the River and Pray& When You Say Nothing at AllDave Brubeck- Take FiveMiles Davis- So WhatHigher Ground- Stevie WonderSam&Dave- I Thank YouAva Maria- Josh GrobanAva Maria- Charlotte ChurchYou Really Got a Hold on Me- Smokey RobinsonWrong, Baby Wrong Martina McBrideAt Last- Etta JamesI'd Rather be Blind- Etta Jam
  8. Rap and hip hop are the two types of music that I do not listen to. It's the same ol', same ol' BS........It's too reliant on the urban decay of the English language on over kill of techno effects. My mind is too big of a place for such non-sense. The kids think that they are cool for being into it, when they are actually conforming to mediocrity. Make's the "disco sucks" campaign of the 70's pale in comparison of what we are faced with today!
  9. Miami, Florida Born and raised here, still reside here. It's not "Miami" any longer though, probably should leave it at that. I am proud to be an American. I do feel a strong link to my English/Irish heritage though. Hell, I look like I just got off the boat from Ireland and grew up Cornish pasties, LMAO! Sorry, this really was just a simple question, wasn't it? It as though David Lee Roth's mouth somehow got possession of my typing finger's.
  10. "Raising Sand" was my favorite post Zep work for Plant. I have a whole new respect for Plant now. I was almost as blown away with the result of his his pairing with Alison Krauss as the first time I heard him with Zep. The CD has such depth, and somewhat haunting aspect to it. It is such a classy and sophisticated accomplishment for them both. Neither of them was in it for the commercial appeal or money. If someone has no heard this work yet, I urge you to. Youtube has many features on it. Most if the early british bands have spoke of their early influences with American gra
  11. 51 and still looking pretty damn good, I'm proud to say.
  12. I am 51 now. I was 15 when I first heard "Whole Lotta Love" and it wowed me. What I still laugh at till this day is that it was several years before I realized that I was rockin' out to a song with such strong sexual elememts. There were times when some of the older kids would tease me or quiz me about the words and phrases in the song. I hated it when they did that. I was so very drawn to Jimmy's guitar, John's drums, JPJ bass, the piercing vocals of Plant! I did not want any interference with from the older kids! I spent much of my youth getting into trouble with my parents for pla
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