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    everything is wind in my hair and the sea under my feet.Fell in love with J. Page, all my life and beyond.
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Many have I loved

  3. thanks a lot, i live in Chieti but far from city, in the country. You are so young,How long time do you like JP ? And what do you like about him ? Excuse my english so bad but I learn it at school so I don't speak english currently.

  4. cheeerrrrrs for the friend add. where bouts you from in Italy, my family lives in Frascati :P so I get to vist Italy alot :D

    And Yeh Jimmy rocks my socks....:P

  5. Greetings from Italy, thanks for existing, I'm glad I found a place to share my love for jimmy with other people who loves him so much.

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