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  1. This is precious: a Who fan registering to the Led Zeppelin site in order to troll complaine about the behaviour of the pesky Zep heads ? Seriously? Because my perception is different: on every music forum I visit, there is not one "Vs" thread involving Beatles, Stones, Zepppelin, Floyd, Purple that is not having the mandatory Who fan shouting "The Who is better than both" (if you don't believe me, show me some examples of Zep fans infesting debates about Who Vs .., and I will show you the same amount+1, the other way around). I know, the inferiority complex might be immense for a band that in the 60's was put by someone (the Rolling Stone Magazine? I can't quite remember) alongside Beatles and Stones as the great triumvirate of rock, but got left behind in the stardom by the two . Even a bitter Townshend said once that they (Zep) "became so much bigger than The Who in so many ways". If you look in the review mirror, the Who have some golden past (in the 70's the music magazines loved them, they were revered by the media as innovators; they were loved by the punks while the other rock acts of the time were despised) but they kind of lost the momentum, while Zep just got bigger and greater, seizing more and more awards and accolades and being recognized by more and more music artists and journalists as one of the most influential band of the century. Actually, now Zep are ahead in the awards departament, having The Polar Prize (called also the "Nobel Prize for music") Zep didn't have to play the Super Bowl or lease songs for TV shows and computer games in order to avoid sinking into oblivion: every movement they do generate enough buzz and cashflow to keep them visible. Cultural impact is not just having your song played on CSI: is having your name in the public conscience. IMO there is more cultural impact in being mentioned by Al Jazeera, or by the president of Russia in an informal meeting, or by the president of Venezuela, than in having your song heard by millions that not necessarily know your name. I'd say that the "No Stairway" sign in a popular movie proves a huge cultural impact - Zep is generating memes! Comparing individual musician's skills can go either way (but as greatness go IMO Page>>>Pete, Entwhistle >JPJ, Plant >> Daltrey and Bonham<>Moon) (and I'm not counting my dislike for Daltry's voice -that nasal tone, like he have polyps, annoys me at maximum level- cause many people seems to enjoy it) But what sells the deal for me is the music: In Zep's music I like the sound: complex, layered but with a firm structure at the same time. And that's normal for a band with such a tight rhythmic section. With Who's music I have the impression of chaos: a simple melodic line ("most songs are singable", as a poster noticed above) on top of which Moon and Entwhistle are showing off their skills. And that's only normal for a band with such a flamboyant drummer and bass player. And it's a matter of personal taste which kind of music you like better. I can't go past the "manufactured" vibe emited by Who's music (like, after they (Pete) come out with the basic song, they start to ornate it with musical flourishes); Zep's music seem to be born synergic. But to say that "this" ot "that" Who song is "more complex than anything Led Zeppelin did" (and I saw this written many times) is outrageous: how can anyone say that, when they uses different time signatures, microtones, polyrhythms, polymeters (and I'm sure our musician fans could add more) And don't start with the "original songwriting": I see more resemblance between Louie Louie and I Can'e Explain than between Stairway and Taurus In the end, Zep remains the most proeminent rock figure of the 70's, driving the Who fans crazy because they think their band is better. Simply as that.
  2. Lately I had some pleasant surprises with two TV shows I followed: *in the episode "Shot In The Dark" of HAVEN (S04E11) there was this exchange: -Hey, guys, come here. I found something. I think it's like a riddle. I just opened the book, and it started glowing. "In times of great evil, the child of ruin must find the heart of Haven and summon the door. -Sounds like a creepy zeppelin lyric. * in the episode "Malice" of STARGATE UNIVERSE (S02E08) there was this: - It is amazing. Distinct structure in the background radiation. - That sounds like static to me. - Were you expecting “Stairway to Heaven”?!
  3. It's not Youtube, but I didn't want to start a new thread: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ms629 (there are 5 days left to listen this - BBC Radio 6 documentary Music Celebrates Live Music)
  4. I will be in Europe next month!

  5. Happy Birthday!! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday my friend! :) Miss you here!! :'(

  7. thankyou for the birthday wishes xoxo

  8. I know Environmental Eco is relevant in today's world, but I feel like I'm learning a chemistry lesson or something! Yuck! LOL! ;)

  9. Wow! My uncle is an accountant too! I consider accounts to be very intelligent people! :D I did a bit of accounting in school. It can be quite fun but it can sometimes be a bit boring! LOL! But, good that you have a nice job! *HUGS I am very into the statistics part of economics. That's why I love Econometrics so much. I do like Microeconomics too but I absolutely despise Environmental Economics!

  10. I just googled Econometrics and it sounds impressive (yes, we did Statistics and some superior Mathematics, but the formulas I've seen on the wiki are not familiar to me)

    I'll wait for you to share your impressions about your courses (If I wont respond quite on spot, it's because I have to go to work soon) *kiss*.

  11. At UNI (Economics Faculty) I went to some hybrid section (economics&informatics) and we did all kind of matters (of most of them I don't remember a thing). But it was almost 15 years ago.. Today, I work as accountant, and I'm kind of sick of it (good that my new job involves more controlling than registry keeping). On UNI I don't remember any Econometrics - my section didn't have it on programma

  12. Woah! It is incredible that you and I have actually studied the same subject! I swear that it is indeed a small world, isn't it? ;) *HUGS BTW, what's your fav part of Eco? I love stuff like Econometrics! :D

  13. Just pop up here to see how you're doing and salute you!

    Great news about your UNI studies. We will share the same domain of competence (economics) *gimme five*

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