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  1. Saw them in 80 & 81 with Di'Anno, fantastic in those days, liked Beast & some bits off their next few albums but really lost interest after 7th Son. But I saw them at Donington in 88, and went right down the front in the mud (where those 2 kids had died earlier on during Guns' set). I was sceptical at first, but the power they generated was AWESOME close-up. Quite possibly the loudest thing I''ve ever heard in my life. Never seen them again.
  2. You CANNOT be SERIOUS! Phil Collins sounded like he was playing different songs to the rest of the band, and the rest of them weren't that hot either. Well, Jonesy was ok, and the other drummer. No, this was a mess, I'm afraid. A wonderful spectacle, but an abysmal performance.
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