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  1. That sounds very sad, Atlas. I don't know whether this will help, but here goes: I once went to a friend's party and stayed there overnight with my gf. When we got home, she realised she'd left behind her teddy bear I bought for her. When I called about it, he denied all knowledge. But the next day, my gf got a package in the post. It contained the bear's severed ear, covered in teddy bear blood. There was a ransom note attached: 'Leave 24 cans of Stella in the garden, or the bear gets it'. So I bought the beer - well, I had to really, didn't I? - and left it there, and the next day the bear reappeared outside our door, and was sent immediately to the teddy bear hospital. If I had known then how things would turn out with my gf, I would have drunk the beer myself and left the little bastard to his fate. In fact, I might just have eviscerated him myself. Grrr.
  2. Well I have several Floyd bootlegs actually, Electrophile, and I have to say they're even more boring than the studio versions. My favourite ones are from 1967. If you have c.250 boots, why none from 67? Don't you like the early stuff? I hope you're not one of those Syd Haters. He was on such an exponential writing-curve when he was ousted. Cut off in his prime. Apples and Oranges (that video of him refusing to mime - priceless!), Vegetable Man.....pure psychedelia. If only the others had given him a little more time and respect, they could have been such a great SONGS band in the late 60s, instead of just sounding like a bunch of jam-band amateurs banging around in a tool-shed. Look at 'The Madcap Laughs', and compare it to the space junk Floyd were putting out around the same time. Christ, even Hawkwind were more coherent. Good call up there on The Dead, luvlz2. What was that all about? Yawn. Oh, and can I add Jethro Tull to the list? Sweet jesus, what a joke they were.
  3. I'd say so, yes, pretty much. I really pity the kids growing up these days. Sure, the legacy of the 60s - 80s is there for them to discover, but what's happening now, and what genuinely good, exciting and innovative bands can they go and see? Wolfmother are quite good, though.
  4. To kick things off, how about Pink Floyd? Zzzzzzzzzzz.......... After a dazzlingly unique debut, what do they do? Kick out the songwriter just because he takes too much acid and weirds-out for a few weeks, then spend the next 5 years and christ knows how many albums trying to figure out how to write a decent song. Their gigs are so tedious that they have to use blinding light shows and cruddy special effects to keep the crowd awake. They hit pay-dirt with Dark Side, an album with about three nice tunes, two guitar solos and a whole load of padding. Two good but bloated albums follow, and then what? Nothing. 90% of The Wall is utter shite, and after that, well, forget it. And has there ever, in the history of rock, been a more egocentric, self-pitying, sociopathic lyricist than Mr Waters? Hey there, Big Dave, if you two ever do get back together, give ol' Rog a big hug. He needs it. But afterwards, just remember to stay out of spitting distance, ok?
  5. EricZepp


    Thanks for the advice, Silvermedallist. But after this, the only oil I'll be going anywhere near for a long time is hash oil. A very large shipment seems to have just hit town. How thoroughly bizarre - I haven't seen that stuff in about 25 years. Messy, but good messy.
  6. EricZepp

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Whispering words of wisdom again there, Electro
  7. Fair comments there, Electrofile. I just hope Robert broke the news to Jimmy gently, and with a little more tact than he often displays in his interviews. Maybe he SANG the news to him?: "I don't know how I'm gonna tell you, I can't play with you no more....."
  8. It's not gonna happen, Silvermedallist, so I'd get over it if I were you. Robert's in his comfort zone now, and there's nothing Jimmy can do about it. I don't even think it would make any difference if he grew a beard, put on 150 pounds in weight, and offered to re-interpret all the songs for pedal steel guitar. This whole situation reminds me of Brian Wilson in his sand-box. The only difference being that Robert has chosen to fill his with hay.
  9. I saw some proofs on another site. One caption is 'Here I am at Boleskine, planting my begonias'. I kid you not.
  10. He probably sold it to Bonzo for $2000 after the show
  11. Being accentless in an otherwise heavily accented area is usually a reflection on the type of education and home influence people have had, WildFireWoman. I would guess that Robert might have gone to a private school, and maybe his parents weren't native Yam-Yams. I can attest to this principle. When we moved up here when my kids were babies, it did occur to me to worry that maybe when they got older and learned to speak, I might not be able ot understand a word they said. But we put them into private school, kept them away from the local Chavs, and bingo, 10 years later they sound just like genuine Knightsbridge kids.
  12. EricZepp

    MOJO Robert Plant

    I suppose some people do, Jahfin - the same way they enjoy sex, even if their partner's heart isn't in it
  13. EricZepp

    MOJO Robert Plant

    In the next issue of Mojo, there is quite a strongly worded response to the Robert Plant feature being discussed here: "What the hell is the matter with Robert Plant? He appears to shiver in awe and shock when contemplating his legacy in the best rock band ever. It's like Plant lives in fear that a hidden 'wound' from his Led Zeppelin days might rip and the scar will start bleeding again. I agree with Jimmy Page; Plant is the main obstacle to several more reunion concerts" (Michele Pouliart, Antwerp, Belgium). He's hit the nail on the head there, except maybe he should have said 'only' instead of 'main'. I wonder whether RP will see this, and what he will think? 'Please Read the Letter'
  14. Starbreaker, there is something very, very special about The Priest. I was insanely into Unleashed when I saw them at the first ever Donington show in 1980. It was totally captivating, and in many ways I enjoyed it more than seeing Zep in 79 (blasphemy!). Then again on the Painkiller tour, and again in 2005.....they are a COLOSSAL live band, and if push came to shove I'd say Halford is the quintessential rock front-man, rivalled only by Diamond Dave.
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