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    Obviously I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN! My passion is to play guitar... Led Zeppelin only. I love shopping, technology and all sorts of other shit. I'm a true blue Aussie and love my country.
  1. Whole Lotta Love, because it's ummmm... Whole Lotta Love. It was either that or Bring It On Home...
  2. The first thing that I discovered after hearing Led Zeppelin was REAL MUSIC!!! And then a lot of the blues artists like BB King, T Bone Walker etc... Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Roy Harper, Peter Green and even Jack White. Oh yeah and the Yardbirds.
  3. I started off with LZ IV and obviously the first LZ song I heard was Black Dog... after that I said to myself "this is it, this is my favorite band eve and I will never love any other band like I do with LZ". And that's true, I still love LZ like I did when I first heard them, maybe even more because I know more of them now.
  4. Most layed back for me is Going to California and most relaxing is White Summer / Black Mountain side.
  5. Carouselambra is actually a pretty interesting one for me. It shows JPJ's talents and then Jimmy's more darker drop tuning side of his guitar talents. I personally like them all but lately I've been listening to the last zep album and I would have to say that Carouselambra is my favorite song on In Through The Out Door. I hate the bit at the end though...
  6. Led Zeppelin is to good for Glee. And Jimmy hates pop music anyway so he would never agree.
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