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  1. hey thans for that...well guess ur right internet radio is much better.. ill try to find that radio
  2. i get to hear every type of music except Zeppelins... Deep Purple, Credence Clearwater Revival, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, The Doors, Kiss, but few zep tunes.. I just dislike those menudo people and ricky martin.. theyre all gay
  3. here in my area thy dont play them so much... they have classic rock programs but no zep songs.. thank all of u for the comments
  4. i really hate that.... they should take in consideration putting Zep songs once in a while
  5. Led Zeppelin: Simply the best band in this world..

  6. Simply hate how the radio nowadays put all sort of strange and horrible music.... My question is: WHAT ABOUT LED ZEPPELIN? Once heard Stairway, maybe like 3 years ago and from then i havent heard any song from them... simply annoyin
  7. if anybody has the long play of Perfect Strangers of Deep Purple check the back cover....
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