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  1. I'm sorry- you deserve a couple of Internets for that. I just had a good LOL. Thanks!
  2. We can now start a "hot pics of henrybonzo" thread.
  3. These were from the same session, I believe:
  4. To those asking, "why now?" Please be aware that he's modeled for designers and posed for advertisers before: Mary Quant And here's one for hairspray:
  5. Fair enough. But he did say "this guy had to be taught by Jackie DeShannon!" That comes off a bit rough. Oh well, in any case, for the sake of completion, here's the interview I was talking about. The whole thing is interesting and I recommend a listen, but the Jimmy specific part comes in at 16:13. Enjoy. http://www.iconfetch...-interview.html Edit to add: But thank you Zosofan for your contribution and sharing your access to these amazing people. Go you!
  6. Yes this comes off as sour grapes, or bitterness, or something "off." I have heard Jackie DeShannon describe this moment and she was always positive and complimentary of Jimmy. Now, I'm paraphrasing here, but she claimed that she had written a song and was very "protective" of the chords she came up with. But she had to show, not teach, show the session guitar player the chords so that he can play his part. She said Jimmy played the part better than she had written, called him a genius, and said she wasn't surprised he became who he became. There's audio out there somewhere of her describing
  7. To me this was clearly written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. sat-ire 1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. 2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in hich human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule. 3. a literary genre comprising such compositions. In other words, it was a joke.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4FHckC42QU
  9. Hi maven There's no harm in having fun speculating until we know the truth. And the truth can only come from Jimmy Page. So let's have fun! I'm proud of everyone "reading into" the mysteriousness. Because at the end of the day, what's the harm? I like that we as a forum are doing research into astrology and the occult and esoterica. So what if we end up being wrong?
  10. You get this prize for that little discovery... Alright. I'm off until tomorrow!
  11. Is this a veiled hint that you think he's pairing up with someone....like Coverdale. Two 12 house charts (for 2 people) = 24. Hey, it's all possible at this point. You know, whatever the truth is when "all will be revealed" it can't live up to the fun I've had dissecting all the clues today! Thank you everyone!
  12. And I see what you mean....XXII-XII=X or 10. In 10 days we will be at 12 days left. But that means that 22 (or XXII) is important, but it isn't in this case. The countdown started at XXIV (24). 22 is just the day you started to think about the countdown. Wow! My brain is really working today. I need a nap.
  13. Still not getting it. I'm sorry. Are you saying that something big may happen at the start of the last 12 days of this countdown? 22 can't factor in because that's just today's number. It's arbitrary to the zodiac chart. 12 is last except when one is counting backwards. Then 1 is last. I just hurt myself. In any case, I'm so happy that we all have our thinking caps on and we are discovery new things. I'm so excited!
  14. Not quite following. There are only 12 parts (houses) of a zodiac chart as there are only 12 signs of the zodiac. He did not create that. He is merely using an already created ancient chart for his own symbolism. Jimmy's appreciation for astrology is not a secret. Also, what's wrong with him using his Zoso symbol? Again, I'm probably just not understanding your post. If so, my bad. I'm so worried that this thread is going to turn into "Astrology and talisman use is evil!" It's not, guys. I promise.
  15. You rock TSRTS! I found a larger pic: Now I'm off to read more about it... More: Hieroglyphic Plan, by Hermes, of the Ancient Zodiac From Kircher’s OEdipus AEgyptiacus The inner circle contains the hieroglyph of Hemphta, the triform and pantamorphic deity. In the six concentric bands surrounding the inner circle are (from within outward): (1) the numbers of the zodiacal houses in figures and also in words; (2) the modern names of the houses; (3) the Greek or the Egyptian names of the Egyptian deities assigned to the houses; (4) the complete figures of these deities; (5) the an
  16. You're having the same trouble I am. Nothing opens when I click. But people here have been great. MSG posted this: http://jimmypage.com/Count.png. I guess it comes up when one is able to click on the page. As you can see, there's the Outrider ambigram in the center of the chart. Start on page 6 of this thread and read and click everything...it's all there.
  17. Awesome post. Thank you! And now that I've thought about it, what RolandDeschain did was pretty cool. Like Jimmy, he created a mystery that drove me mad. For 10 minutes I thought that Day Care held the secrets of the universe! Man, I am really bored at work today. Okay team, so we all think that either a website launch and/or retrospective is on the horizon, but not necessarily a new album. That's what I'm getting from the hints and from you guys. Time will tell....
  18. Oh, I agree! That's why I kept saying "I want to solve it..." But I've also stated several times that I can't open the files that you were able to open. There is some kind of block. But as I just posted I figured it out. It's just his manager's address. Anyway, thanks!
  19. Oh nevermind. 111 Frithville is the address to Ie Music- JPs new management company. Big whoop.... Thank you for the pic, hecube. James looks lovely.
  20. It's not your mystery though, Roland. If that pic was posted somewhere public, then we all should be allowed info on it. Otherwise, you shouldn't have posted it on this website. MSG, you're reasonable. Please let us know where that came from. Is it from the new facebook page? I don't have facebook. Again, I would like to figure out the significance on my own, but I can't without context. Am I to investigate103 Frithville Gardens, Shepherds Bush? Happy Child Day Care? Let's keep this a team effort, guys! And MSG, you are confirming that there was somekind of countdown from 24-1? That k
  21. I'm so sorry, but I still can't click on anything on that site. Could you explain where this photo came from? You don't have to explain the significance, just where it came from and in what context. Are we suppose to notice the building next to the day-care?
  22. Thank you so much guys! Seriously, nothing happens when I click on the main Page page. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't see this stuff. But I am losing my mind right now. It's all happening.....
  23. I'm having issues with my work computer then. Maybe some kind of block. No matter. I'm so excited that the image is accessible to people. And I thank you for sharing! I wouldn't see it otherwise.
  24. Holy Hell! I can faintly make that out in the background of the main page, but how did you find that? And how did Ritchie find XXIV? My computer skills are so lacking!
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