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  1. Top 2 for me In the Light - At 3 minutes in you hear the true definition of 'riff', absolutely incredible. How Many More Times - Not often you can groove on one amazing riff for so long.
  2. I understand what your saying, but alcohol was the least of his worries. And somehow he still managed to have more talent than I could ever hope for.
  3. I really don't know if this one is already posted, still need to make my way through all the Pages. (pretty good pun right?) It's probably posted, but at least top five pic of Jimmy for me.
  4. zepdoug7


    These are two of my favorites. He loved farming and looking like a pimp.
  5. Robert Plant playing the guitar. Robert Plant playing the mandolin? (I think it is a mandolin) Small picture of Bonzo with a guitar. I wish he was playing it. Two of Jimmy playing a pedal steel. And of course Jimmy plating with his theremin. These are all the pictures I could find.
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