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  1. I was born on January 25th and I am Aquarius
  2. Man, I'm so relieved it wasn't the sound, because when I first saw this thread, I got really nervous!!! I wasn't fortunate enough to get a ticket to the concert and I am anxiously waiting for the DVD release much like Cream did when they did their reunion concert in May of '05 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and from the DVD of that concert the sound is super, so I know the sound will be super also when the 02 Arena concert is released onto DVD!!!
  3. Hi everyone, it is so great there is a Led Zeppelin forum now. I first heard Led Zeppelin in 1976 when I was 14 on our local rock station, and Presence had just been released and they were playing "Candy Store Rock" alot and I thought the song was so cool, and then the DJ said, " That was Candy Store Rock from the new Led Zeppelin album" and that's all I heard, so I imediately became a Zeppelin fan, but I didn't know what album "Candy Store Rock" came from and I also forgot the name of the song, so I went to Record Bar and tryed to guess, and ended up buying my first Led Zeppelin album whic
  4. This is totally cool that two members of Led Zeppelin have January birthdays!!!, because mine is January 25th.
  5. That is so cool, because my brother's birthday is January 9th!!!
  6. Mine is coming up January 25th, and to think I was only 14 years old when I first heard Led Zeppelin on our local rock radio station in 1976, just when "Presence" was released, and the first song I heard on the radio was Candy Store Rock, and I loved it!!! The rest is history, I imediatley became a hard core Zeppelin fan. Oh, I'll be 46.
  7. PG is probably my most favorite album. I love the way the double album had or CD now had one dedicated to newley written material and the other was dedicated to songs that were never released on their previous albums. So you play guitar, that is really cool. My brother plays lead guitar and vocals in his group called Crossfracture, and he is also a huge Zeppelin fan. Hope you enjoy this forum, and man it is amazing how I stumbled across this website and I noticed this forum is very new because at the beginning of November one member was number 54 and now at the end of November there are
  8. Hey the fool, I am new also and I first heard Led Zeppelin when I was 14. The album Presence had just been released and our former fm radio station 96 rock was playing "Candy Store Rock" and I thought the song was so cool. Little did I know that would be the beginning of a long relationship with Led Zeppelin as I started to collect each of their albums. I too own every CD and DVD that Led Zeppelin has put out and feel there is no other and will never be another band that can come even close to the power and vibe that Led Zeppelin puts out. Robert Plant recently said that Presence w
  9. Well it certainly got my attention as it was the start of me becoming a Led Zeppelin fan. And as of note, Robert Plant recentley said that Presence was his favorite album and thought that it best showed the true meaning of what Led Zeppelin is. I think Presence was underrated for the high quality album that it is.
  10. I first heard this on our former rock station 96 rock in 1976 when Presence was released, and I was only 14 years old. But this was the very first Led Zeppelin song I had ever heard and I thought it was awesome, and that was the beginning of my following and turning into a Zeppfanatic as I discovered all of their material as I eventually bought all of their albums, of course everything is on CD now. I think I own every CD and DVD that the group has put out. But yeah Candy Store Rock- ROCKS!!
  11. I agree with you on that Kevin. Led Zeppelin was well known for always doing the songs they played in concert a different way everytime they went on a concert tour. You might see the list of songs to be played at the concert, but you never knew how it was going to be aranged and sound when they performed it. And I've heard the drama about if Robert can still hit the "high notes" and he responded yes if it called for it, but he still has a unique and super cool voice and I'm not worried about Led Zeppelin pulling off a great performace at the 02 Arena reunion concert.
  12. Damn, there are alot of young fans that are into this legendary rock group. I was 14 in 1976 and found out about Led Zeppelin when our local rock station started playing songs from the "Presence" album that was released that year. I'm 45 now, but still going strong as a die hard Zeppfanatic and continue to buy every CD or DVD they put out. I just hope that their December 10th concert at the 02 Arena in London will be released onto DVD!!!!
  13. I loved hearing The Battle Of Evermore when Robert and Jimmy united together to do the Unplugged concert for the DVD "No Quarter" in 1994. And the woman that did the backup vocals origionally done by Sandy Denny on the studio version was just spectacular!!!!!
  14. I agree with you on the fact that Coda has material that wan't given alot of airplay, but I did enjoy hearing "We're Gonna Groove" from Zeppelin's concert on the How The West Was Won 2-dics DVD set, and hope they will do it live again.
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