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  1. Hi Denver fan...Im a Denver fan too! There is currently no tape in existence of this show. I have found a couple other Denver shows but the quality is terribel
  2. Yes to much time! However, I find this very interesting! What was going on in Plants life at this time? Psychology 101 time.
  3. Wow! um, would it be appropriate to ask you out?
  4. I remember reading a great quote from Carlos Santana once. "There are two types of guitar players, those that impress and those that inspire. I like the ones that inspire me" The whole shred thing never inspired me and the audience for the shred genre was mostly guitar players and ususally guitar players that were not seasoned. They simply could not understand why Hendrix or Page were considered great. They were comparing guitar players by speed, acrobatics, etc and a heart felt solo was not impressive to them. I remember talking about some of the shred players to some music fans in m
  5. Music is about feeling, not precision. You will find that most "precision" players are rather boring and tend to not take chances live. Most Newbie guitar players latch on to the 'precison' players thinking they are the best but if you ask the typical layman they will tell you they have no interest in them. Making mistakes live is not a bad thing, the good players know how to recover from those mistakes and thats when the magic can happen. I would so much rather see a guitar player improvising and taking chances and making mistakes as he/she is trying to get an emotional lift from the list
  6. Malmsteem has not had nearly the influence Page has. You will find that a ton of people would rather listen to Page than Malmsteem. All of his stuff sounds the same. The only people, with few exceptions, that listen to Malmsteem are geeky guitar players and that is not a good thing. You know what you call a girl at a Malmsteem concert? A waitress
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