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  1. Soooo in the meantime he keeps doing Zeppelin songs and EVERY single other recording group (maybe outside the Beatles) reunites on some level live and in the studio and carrys on making great and succesful music (albeit sometimes different from their past). I've said it for years and I'll say it again. There is no reason Robert could not record and tour as a solo artist in the years to come amongst new Zeppelin studio l.p.s and tours. Remember the O2 thing was not to happen and was denied whilest they were rehearsing. Also remember for years Robert said Zeppelin would not reunite
  2. From what I understand Michael waaaaaay over recorded songs original and cover ones and did different versions. Of course certain things might need to be finiished in some form but as they say the term "finished" is ambiguous and could mean anything a from having a bunch done or a little bit. Then remixes could be done as well of them since it is pop and dance stuff, eh? As far as Queen they also have unreleased tracks and all of these things and totally pray and expect them to continue doing new things in the years to come as well. Led Zeppelin definitely could! I can't wait!
  3. Bull shit! They should make each studio l.p. into a massive box set!!!! This is how they should do it!! (No c.d. since Blu-Ray Audio for christsakes should become the new audio physical format.) They should include the music in stereo and 5.1 of course all taken from the original master tapes, the original studio l.p. recordings (ala music), demos, outtakes, instrumentals, (hell remixes however that would work for Zep), interviews from then and now (film and audio), (the original vinyl l.p. on 180 gram) documentary on the project and interviews with all sorts of people new and old,
  4. Well let me say while I don't think it would be easy by any means these ideas that only "the precious few" are able to play with the members of Led Zeppelin or AS Led Zeppelin is so self damning. The greatest missed opportunities of all time. REALLY, REALLY sad. I also don't want there to be shit music. I want it to be the best with whoever is doing what. That is not a lost or missed concept. But the golden opportunities are. This is the same thing that happened with Michael Jackson for a decade. At least he recorded new music. Seesh.
  5. Sigh...again...what's the "legacy" topic? When I search "legacy" in the topic search it does not bring anything up except your post.
  6. I don't understand what you all are saying? Why just the random statements? Are you all able to put them in context in any way?
  7. Um...my understanding is that the order of the writers indicates who wrote most of the song to the least. Is that not right? Hence the big deal for example when Paul McCartney tried to swith the authorship of the Beatles song performed live on one of his live c.d. releases (in recent years) where it said McCartney/Lennon instead of Lennon/McCartney.
  8. Oh! Right so in actuality Dave Grohl and Joshua Homme wrote more than John Paul Jones. That explains some things. I and I know other people have said that the music is quite good but it also isn't as great as some say. I DESPERATELY wait for more new stuff from Mr. Jones hopefully sooner rather than later...
  9. Lol! There's no question! God knows I would not have cared much about the group without him! I've waited years for Jones to do something and I'm still waiting for more INCLUDING more solo music. I am talking about the founding member who owns the right to the name of the group...is it not Dave Grohl? Besides if I recall Jone's name is also not first in the listings which means that he did not write as much of the music as some other person or persons...right?
  10. I defintely think that the way Jimmy Page should get going again is to start a new group. I also think doing one off performances with various artists before and after a couple of new studio l.p.s and tours done with this new group should be done with some people in all sorts of different types of venues. I also think he too should go out NOT playing any Led Zeppelin songs. Like Them Crooked Vultures did although that was Dave Grohl's group and not John Paul Jones'. (As a side note I do think that John Paul Jones should start his own new group.) I also think that it would serve
  11. I couldn't begin to tell you as Robert Plant is one of my favorite recording artists and I always read everything along the way...so sorry I guess at the moment I can't think of the exact source. Maybe it will come to me later.
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