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  1. You all need to understand that the people in the U.S. do not know anything about David Coverdale other than the "Whitesnake 1987" and "Slip Of The Tongue" so they view them as a hair band because they are ignorant. They know nothing about the great music before and after that period that he did with his world total sales of at least 40 million which say what you want is NOT shabby. "Coverdale/Page" is so good that I am waiting for them to do new material...and NO I am not joking. It was a brilliant project except for the fact that Mr. Coverdale does not know how to communicate with his audience and drops the "f" bomb all over the place.
  2. I also love Paul Stanley's latest solo studio l.p. and his first in almost thirty years called "Live To Win"! I think he should do another with some guests on it...perhaps Zeppelin or the members individually should be on it, eh?
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me No Quarter...pounder (love your name...tis' funny)...with that said...are you all aware that there are people in this world whom have no idea who Led Zeppelin are and or don't know much about their music? That's one reason why I think it is also good to go all out selling...uh...whatever you know? Led Zeppelin Rockin' Mac N' Cheese Rolls! Ooozes all the way down! Yum! Oh the possiblities!
  4. O.k. They obviously are not as great as...let's just say certain other people...but what they did not do was become...whatever you want to call "succesful"...by dressing up as cool clowns. They had to have the music to back them up to be good enough. There is in my opinion crediblity...yes...crediblity with their music which has allowed them to have whatever success they have had. I don't see Insane Clown Posse selling out colliseums mere less stadiums. Have Insane Clown Posse even performed outside of the U.S. before? Whatever...they don't even deserved being mentioned twice in a post of mine on the internet. I also like music from all eras of KISS...and I LOVE "World Without Heroes" from the critically slammed "Elder" if I recall. Phenomenal song! WAY too short! I also lover Cher's version from her 1991 studio l.p. entitled "Love Hurts" released on Geffen Records. Yes...I even like their disco "I Was Made For Loving You". Now that's what we need more of...disco...right? Ahem...maybe not but just the same I think some people dismiss others entirely whereas I don't think that is fair. I guess I don't believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water that's all.
  5. Uh...Zepyep...I think Zep and some others HAVE made a pretty penny or two off of record sales...and MattMC1973...I think that is AWESOME!!! I DEFINITELY think Led Zeppelin should follow suit. I do not have some sort of psuedo-intellectualism that says somehow the legacy of Led Zeppeiln is deminished in some way because their name is all over the place! I think it henders groups not to follow suit. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if that is one of the numerous reasons why so much of the music industry has died off because people did not go all out for the public to be aware of them and keep them interested.
  6. Are you all kidding me? You all are really playing fools if you all think Led Zeppelin were not a money making machine since day one. NO ONE got the largest promotion of all time as they did for the release of their first studio l.p. "Led Zeppelin in 1969 for what if I recall was one hundred thousand U.S. dollars. This is why the music industry is dying off because people really do think it is just about "artistic crediblity" which is not to say that there isn't any for people but it is all about business and has been since human beings could put sound on a physical object and SELL it. Ever since it could be stolen off of the internent it has started to crumble...and fast. I have far more respect for people who go and make half a billion U.S. dollars such as KISS in just their reuion years alone than the concern I have for people who sit around and say that making money doesn't matter to them...and the notion of KISS' music being "adapted to match the marketing of derivative products" seems highly intelligent to me than those sitting around saying that they are too good to squeeze as much out of their product as much as possible. In my opinion that devalues their own product...and that is what Led Zeppelin's music and anyone else's is. Otherwise the people won't hear it at the end of the day. It is just some people wish they could be as succesful as KISS but the truth is they can't get the business that they do. People are just jealous and try to be psuedo-intellectual about it.
  7. I am die hard fan of Simmons and Stanley so I just think it is great to hear one of their points of views. I certainly consider them far more intelligent than most human beings and have nothing but the deepest respect for them for that.
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