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  1. Leicester Uni 1971. When you think back to 1971, Zeppelin where the biggest band that where still virtually unseen on TV. Even Jimi Hendrix and the Stones were on top of pops and other shows such as "Lulu" and "this is Tom Jones". So Zeppelin were still the best kept secret to their fans, which was remarkable, as their alums from Zeppelin 2 always went to number one, but the reaction from most people was usually Led who?? Anyway, being as this concert was at Leicester Uni, you had to be a student union member to buy a ticket. I wasn't a member so I had to find a student that didn't like Zeppelin and would buy tickets for me. Bingo, it turned out that most students were not interested in Zeppelin, and I handed over £1 and waited for the day to arrive. The Percy Gee Building at Leicester Uni was like my old school hall, I walked straight to the front and sat on floor, (that's what people did in those days, as they did on the 69 Denmark DVD). Even from sitting on the floor I could lean on the stage which was only about three feet high, I was about 8 feet away from the double necked SG which was on stand in front of the most ridiculously small amp. They came on, and quite literally changed the way I thought about music. I really didn't know what to expect, as there was no live footage available in 71, they were a real revelation as they just seemed to be completely lost in their own music, and they were not clock watching as they played for about two and half hours. But the main thing that sticks in my mind is the timing of this tiny gig, it was only a couple of weeks after the release of Zeppelin IV, and five days after the Wembley shows, yet here they were in my home town, on a school stage, giving everything they had for a quid!! PS I played a CD of this show last night, closed my eyes and drifted back in time...I could even smell the patchouli and sweat.
  2. I saw Queen before they were big, at the time the first Queen LP had not long been out and the single was "keep yourself alive", they played unsurported at Peterborough Town Hall, which was odd as they were on tour supporting Mott The Hoople, but played this one-off show on their own at very short notice, hence no tickets were ever printed and we had our hands ink stamped. I remember the date 22nd Dec 1973 as it was a year to the day after my second Zeppelin show Ally Pally '72. At the time, as you will all know in '73 Queen were nothing like the band they later became, and were much more rocky in those early days. Although Queen were not yet huge stars they still charged as much as Zeppelin did for the Ally Pally shows, which was an extortionate ONE POUND! Oh and I saw Def Leppard at The Old Derby Playhouse, but they were crap, I mean anyone that misspells the first part of their name by dropping the letter "a" is bound to be onto a loser aren't they??? Hang on, wait a minute........
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied,even the ones trying to wind each other up.
  4. There is a lot of argueing going on here, I will re word question if that helps. What is the best not commercially available live show.
  5. Thanks, DAS I'll look out for the 73 sound check.
  6. I remember the days when a new Led Zeppelin bootleg was news, and nearly as easy to buy as the studio releases. Blueberryhill was everywhere in 1971, and I remember reading a review in the music press about the Going to California double album, which was for sale in the small ads in the same publication. It was easy to keep up with them in those days, but now there are so many that I have missed I was wondering if any fans could tell me their favourites, so I can reliably whitle it down to a few definitive ones.
  7. I went to all five nights, had front row tickets for all five. I met my wife there. Fantastic days. Some of my pics are on this site ( Stuart Whitehead, my real name ).
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