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  1. I was at that show as well, also within the first 10 rows. Jimmy's first few solos, as I recall, were with his back to the audience. After they had to stop the show for 20 minutes (because the crowd was completely into it and crushing the front rows), he got into it as well. At the beginning of Midnight Moonlight, he strummed the Danelectro and it was out of tune. As he handed it to the roadie, he said to the audience "I like lplayin'em, but I don't like tuning'em!" On Spirit of Love, Paul couldn't get the white grand piano to work -- wouldn't come over the PA. Gave it a try or two, and then just moved to the keyboards. Crowd was excellent -- even during the bass and drum solos. Great show -- first and only time I've seen Page live. here's a Tony Franklin interview on the subject: Fretless bassist Tony Franklin speaks with Lemon Squeezings about the Firm's final concert on May 28, 1986. (See also his previous interview, a longer one touching on other work with Jimmy Page in The Firm and previously with Page in Roy Harper's band.) SS: Tell us about the Firm's last concert. TF: That last show was wild! The audience was electric. I think the show had to be stopped at one point as the audience was pushing forward so hard that people were in danger of getting hurt! They may have been the loudest audience on the tour. At one point I remember somebody throwing a basketball shoe towards me on the stage. It was funny because I was like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. I was transfixed. And before I knew it ... BOOM! it hit me square in the chest and knocked me back a few feet! Still, I didn't miss a beat! Ha ha! Fond, fond memories. And what a great send-off to a great band. There are always mixed feelings at the end of any tour ... from sadness that the great "adventure" of the last few months is coming to a close ... and relief that's it's over ... with the prospect of going home and having a break from the craziness. I don't think that any of us in the band thought that this would be our last ever show as The Firm. There was certainly no talk of it ... Maybe some of the guys had an idea that this was the end, but I didn't. It's probably just as well. Now where in the hell can I get this DVD? PM me a source if possible.
  2. Steve -- Was at Seattle in 86 and it was awesome. First (and only) time seeing jimmy live, but it was about 10 feet away. Great show. Where can I get a hold of that live DVD of the show? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Willing to trade a really good CD of the show, from Holst's "The Planets" through "Money", including the 20 minute delay to calm the crowd down.
  3. No particular order: Shake My Tree Pride and Joy Emerald Eyes Wasting My Time Satisfaction Guaranteed Bonus Track: Bron-Yr-Aur
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