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  1. EGod555

    Rate the songs on Led Zeppelin IV

    1. Stairway to Heaven 2. Misty Mountain Hop 3. Battle of Evermore 4. Going to California 5. When the Levee Breaks 6. Black Dog 7. Rock and Roll 8. Four Sticks
  2. EGod555

    Last Zeppelin Song You Ever Play

    I can imagine dying while the Rain Song is playing, completely at peace as the final notes play.
  3. EGod555

    The Best Of or Mothership

    Eh, Best of Barely. Ramble On and OTHAFA are top 10 for me, but TYG is my second favorite, the other two are in my top 25, and I can't stand D'Yer Maker.
  4. EGod555

    Led Zeppelin's most beautiful song?

    The Rain Song Thank You Ten Years Gone Tangerine
  5. EGod555

    What Are Your Top 20 Favorite Zeppelin Songs?

    Stairway to Heaven Ten Years Gone Thank You Ramble On Tangerine Dazed and Confused The Rain Song Good Times Bad Times Over the Hills and Far Away Achilles Last Stand Communication Breakdown Misty Mountain Hop Your Time is Gonna Come Since I’ve Been Loving You The Battle of Evermore Kashmir Going to California The Rover Whole Lotta Love When the Levee Breaks
  6. EGod555

    Favorite 2 Led Zeppelin songs off of each album?

    I: Dazed and Confused; Good Times, Bad Times II: Ramble on; Thank You III: Tangerine; Since I've been Loving You IV: Stairway to Heaven; Misty Mountain Hop HotH: The Rain Song; Over the Hills and Far Away Physical Graffiti: Ten Years Gone; Kashmir Prescense: Achilles Last Stand; Nobody's Fault but Mine ITTOD (don't listen to this one too much): Fool in the Rain, South Bound Suarez
  7. I used to always forget whether there were two "L"'s or two "P"'s. But now I know that there is one L's and two P: Led Zeleppin.
  8. EGod555

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    I can't stand All My Love and D'yer Maker. Plant's voice just seems too moany in those.