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  1. I saw this video....i thought of John Bonham.....i think Papa jo Jones would of been an influence.....He does the hand drumming, and Bonham had a touch of jazz in his playing as well...they both have their own way of playing...but very similar.. https://youtu.be/GrKShqNkcnI
  2. I comend her for telling her story..& the fact that she was there, on the inside...it means she knows the band better than any of us ever could...i would take her word over many of the 2nd hand opinions of the band....she was by Roberts side for the whole 77 tour....what an invaluable source of info on the world's greatest band.... & how can you blame Robert Plant...he was the singer in the world's most popular band...none of us could relate to what to what it was like to have to make the choices he made...nobody here has ever been that popular to...to say if i was him i would act like this...unless you've been tempted on this level, it only an opinion....at least Audrey got see first hand all the commotion, stress, & good times when Zeppelin was exploding with popularity...& getting a ticket to see the band, was next to impossible..
  3. I find to believe that people feel sorry for Audrey... she got to fly with Zeppelin on their last tour... that must of been the most amazing experience....i know anyone on this forum would love to have that chance, & the fact that she told us that JpJ called her a home wrecker shows that she's up front... & it wasn't all fun & games... and gives us an idea, of the dark atmosphere that surounded the 77 tour.... thank you for your insight Audrey,
  4. Toronto 1971 Maple Leaf Gardens....a very heavy performance!
  5. Toronto 1971 Maple Leaf Gardens....a very heavy performance!
  6. R. I. P. Girlie, Ill love you forever!!!

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      Still thinking of you

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