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  1. what on earth would led zeppelin want to play a gig with a washed up band like mettalica for?
  2. jennings farm blues just isnt very memorable while bron y aur stomp just fucking rules. just listen to bonhams foot....hell yeah!
  3. i used to live in detroit and if i remember right csx is also online so i doubt youd have to any futher than your computer to hear that broadcast..
  4. yeah seems like robert always had great introductions for jpj (at no quarter, or when he brought out that three necked monstrosity) lol..
  5. i agree that the original band was the best improvisation band ever(but damn that band yes could do it great too). jason bonham is a new drummer and being a guitarist myself ive seen plenty of drummers and no two sound alike. so they cant sound like 30 years ago (its just not gonna happen), and john bonham had some say in what they were doing (will they give that kind of freedom to jason if new material is coming in this concert?) if zep sounds even 3/4 as good as say circa 70 (i believe the most creative era) then that's better than 95% of the bands on tour today. a drummer being replaced isnt like replacing a singer (which drastically alters a bands sound, where you hope for a rare ac/dc case and not a bad company case). i think the only differance between the new lineup and the old is age and a couple drum rolls and if we all enjoyed unledded that didnt even feature jpj or j bonham, then this one off concert should at least blow that out of the water.
  6. geez who says a new drummer will ruin a band...when RUSH took neil peart it wasnt a mistake was it? besides if they dont record a new album with this lineup how can anyone make a comparison, live shows are nothing more than rehashed songs to a bunch of people on drugs or booze (who seen led zeppelin sober back in the day?), but new studio material would be the only way this debate could be resolved then later on down the line we could all go yea that jason bonham really kicks ass eh?
  7. sugar mama was a good one..it would be nice if they released an anthology of rare recordings...im sure the band hears these things all the time. i think it was robert plant who said a fan came up to him and played the clip of that alright mama from the hats off to roy(harper) sessions and asked him why they didnt release it and his response was he just didnt like it. but if they needed material for a anthology im sure tracks like these would be prime candidates...i would buy this stuff over another remaster any day
  8. jeff beck is a great guitarist. its a shame that he never had a popular band like page, hendrix, or clapton.
  9. jimmy page and neil young with dave lombardo on drums robert plant on harmonica paul rodgers on piano and geddy lee on bass...
  10. good album but for me its killing the blues...reminds me of ramble on..the part about the leaves are falling
  11. actually i find the idea of stairway being the opener silly...i mean if i play guitar at my local open mic one of the rules is no stairway.... i think a good opener would be achilles last stand that would drop some jaws...
  12. ...so it was emerson eh? i would think the only fifth member could be sandy denny after all she plays piano and has her own symbol on the fourth album. lol ...other bad guesses upcoming were pj proby, and lord sutch...
  13. if i took a wild guess id say jimmy didnt fracture his finger. and that extra time was needed for whatever they were working on. hell maybe they snuck in the studio for a one off album? and since all of the other musicians on the bill understand the significance of this event they arent going to argue against it. too bad i dont have a ticket so i guess ill never find out
  14. personally id like to see them make an album of just new acoustic material. really raw maybe a couple of electric overdubs. it would be nice o see them revisit the bron-yr-aur guitar solo stuff and that's the way/ friends and hey hey what can i do style. i dont think they really touched that with walking into clarksdale, but jpj did on zooma, id buy it.
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