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  1. On 5/4/2019 at 11:00 AM, Deeds said:

    Zep Head... I agree with your thoughts on the song Hot Dog. What I find funny is thinking about that title while it may be referring to a girl being "hot" she is still just a "dog"! Working at The Whisky throughout the '70's I saw the band many nights in the club and at the Hyatt House Hotel when invited back and they showed no regard or respect for anyone while drunk and disorderly. 

    Hi Deeds!  Did you get to hang out at the Hyatt House with them on their 1977 Tour?

  2. On 7/12/2017 at 7:30 PM, mknopfler said:

    I'm studying this photo....no cameras evident with my vision. Kinda bummin' me out.

    Look here in the rig I circled on the ceiling of the Summit. Looks like house cameras to me. In the pic they are not pointed at the stage but who's to say they weren't when the band took the stage?

    2urs22.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator

  3. 22 hours ago, confounded_bridge said:

    A  download  link  was  available  on  argenteumastrum.com  but  only  for  24  hours. He  uploaded  the  complete  audio, some  awesome  photos  and  a  story  from  the  taper. Unfortunately, when  I  saw  the  link, only  1  hour  was  left. I  managed  to  download  all  the  songs  but  only  4  photos. If  somebody  has  the  rest  of  it, i'd  like  to  ask  for  a  link.

    Aww man! would have loved to see the photos!

  4. On 9/24/2018 at 12:56 AM, rm2551 said:

    I got my book and poster. It is a very nice book. Quality. A good annotations section at the back where the lads talk about the pics and context. A lot of beautiful photos in there. Surprisingly, there is very little 1977 comparatively. I though the LA Forum run alone would have been a few pages. Maybe too many pics showed too many "off chops" shots.

    But very very delighted with it.

    Wow. That is a bit disappointing. 

  5. 5 hours ago, The Rover said:

    I hadn't either. Some people who might never post here post in FB groups. Some with personal pictures never seen before...

    great photo from 1977! 

    are there more photos?

  6. On 7/3/2018 at 1:52 PM, Zufo said:

    Does anyone know what book quotes Jimmy Page saying we could have called ourselves "the potatoes" or something like that - I am looking for this quote in print  -Thanks  Zufo


    I can't find a source book but this was quoted from an 1998 interview with Page and Plant with James Woodall:

    https://theartsdesk.com/new-music/theartsdesk-qa-musicians-robert-plant-and-jimmy-page - quote is about mid-way through.


    Any clues about the source of the “lead balloon” joke?

    PAGE: It was Keith Moon.

    I’ve heard it was John Entwhistle. [The Who’s bassist died in 2002.]

    PAGE: Oh, I don’t really mind. I mean, all I know is that I heard it from Keith Moon, it could well have been Entwhistle’s joke, it could have been Uncle Tom Cobbley’s, and we could have been called The Potatoes and it still would have happened.

    oh and by the way - FANTASTIC photo!

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