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  1. In reality, I'm sure Robert doesn't mind listening to Radiohead and the Chilli Peppers even if he doens't like them, Robert was just demanding and rude to the bar 'cause I guess he was a little too drunk that night or something. Robert and other famous musicians do have a right to an opinion if they want! If we can hate on other bands, so can the famous musicians! LOL, but I can see it happening thought Radiohead's "Creep" cues in the jukebox... ROBERT: "What the hell is that crap? Turn that Radiohead shit off and put something different on" Chilli Peppers "Under the Bridge" comes on the jukebox... ROBERT: "What the fuck? This sounds like a damn nursery rhyme. Put on my Captain Beefhart, prick!"
  2. I agree that nobody is the best guitarist. It is only an "opinion". While I agree that Jimmy Page is one of the best, he's the reason I play guitar, but there are other guitarists better than he is. Plus, Jimmy shamelessly admits that he plays sloppy and sucks at times. If you want to say who is better than Jimmy Page. My vote goes to Jimi Hendrix on that one. If Page tried to play Hendrix tunes, Page would look like a fool, seriously think about it! We all know that Led Zeppelin did cover "Hey Joe" by Hendrix.
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