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  1. Really though, even though Led Zep is not on the Bonnaroo lineup, we should be happy for Robert. Congratulations to Robert. This will give him and Alison more exposure. T-Bone Burnett is performing with them too so that's gotta be cool.
  2. Or maybe this...maybe the Associated Press is right and it's not a mistake that Led Zeppelin is confirmed. Maybe ledzeppelin.com and the Bonnaroo website are keeping a secret to surprise the audience? It wouldn't surprise me if Led Zeppelin will show up to play there.
  3. I'm sure Jimmy Page will come out and speak with the media that the Associated Press was mistaken with Lez Zeppelin. Page will deny this "once" again sooner or later.
  4. In reality, I'm sure Robert doesn't mind listening to Radiohead and the Chilli Peppers even if he doens't like them, Robert was just demanding and rude to the bar 'cause I guess he was a little too drunk that night or something. Robert and other famous musicians do have a right to an opinion if they want! If we can hate on other bands, so can the famous musicians! LOL, but I can see it happening thought Radiohead's "Creep" cues in the jukebox... ROBERT: "What the hell is that crap? Turn that Radiohead shit off and put something different on" Chilli Peppers "Under the Bridge" co
  5. Dave Grohl has been an obsessive Led Zeppelin fan most of his life. He made it clear many times that Led Zeppelin was the band that made him want to play music. And you know they weren't discussing it backstage how? You weren't there backstage listening to everyword that Grohl, Page and Plant discuss backstage do ya? No. No one knows what they talked about backstage. It's no surprise that the news of Grohl possibly drumming for Zep being in the news since he was backstage so I assumed they could be discussing it then. As a big fan of the Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Dave Grohl's dr
  6. Dave was backstage at the O2 show, so it may have been possible Led Zeppelin could have been discussing this with Dave at the night of the show. So never know, the rumours could turn out true. The Rollingstone website said itself, it's only "speculation" so they know it may be true or not, so relax guys. Christ, this entire thread is so friggin stupid to be honest.
  7. Howard Stern has every right to call them a cover band 'cause to be honest, I think that's what they are. They did more cover songs a lot more than originals.
  8. To be honest, I want a new Led Zeppelin album with new original songs a lot more than a tour. Jimmy Page says he's writing new songs, I assume he's saving them for Zeppelin. So I definitely see the band going back into the studio. Lets cross our fingers!
  9. Great post and I totally agree. Even if Led Zeppelin don't go on tour at all and they want to move on, everyone including the fans should get over it. Everyone should be happy enough that Led Zeppelin went out on a positive note at the O2.
  10. Led Zeppelin releasing an album of rare and b-sides tracks would be a great idea. They already did that in "Coda" but it would be great to hear some rare songs that they never released.
  11. NME.com just posted news...Jason simply responded "Only time will tell"....so never say never of more Led Zeppelin shows!! http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/33279
  12. While the band did play an excellent set, they still left off some very important songs: 1. Achilles Last Stand 2. Heartbreaker 3. Over the Hills and Far Away 4. The Rain Song 5. Moby Dick (just so Jason can show off his drum skills some more)
  13. This is why I called you an idiot 'cause you were being negative and rude. Just like that post there. I never said there "will" or there "won't" be a Led Zeppelin tour, there's still a chance of it happening. So much for this thread. This thread is about Alison being at the O2 but of course, this thread always goes to a "will Zeppelin tour" because of Alison and Robert just like most every thread in this entire board is. I can't wait for the day Led Zeppelin will announce a tour or not so they can shut people up.
  14. Don't always assume there will never be a Led Zeppelin tour, A Robert/Alison tour is still not stopping a Led zeppelin tour from happening. It's all speculation. I wish people would use common sense and wait to hear from the band first 'cause they haven't said a word about a tour since the O2 show.
  15. Pay attention, idiot. I said "there is still a chance", which means there might be a Led Zeppelin world tour. If Led Zeppelin were going to announce a world tour, they would do it at press conference just like Harvey Goldsmith announced the O2 show at press conference.
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