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  1. Thanks, I thought so... I think the people in the bookstore opened it...
  2. Just curious, I got the book for Christmas and my wife picked it up from B&N. (It's very nice and sits on the coffee table) It came Unwrapped without the poster like it was plucked off the shelf ( it wasn't - it was a special order). How did yours arrive? Thanks
  3. I just got Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin for Christmas. My wife ordered it on line and picked it up from a bookstore in the USA. She said the clerk was nervous when she picked it up who said it came unsealed and not in a box without her questioning its packaging. How does this book ship? Do you think it was returned or opened in the store? Happy New Year Thanks Kevin
  4. I saw the ABB - different setlist every night I saw them. Greg Allman is getting old, not good doing back to back shows He can't do what he could 10 or 20 years ago, but he still can sing. I was looking forward to AC/DC.... Hope the drummer problems are not true and don't affect the tour. Black Sabbath. Not planing on seeing them but will if I get a chance. The Eagles, great show. Kind of followed the documentary for the first set. Second set was the Joe Walsh show. He rocked. A interesting note... The eagles asked for no pictures or videos, and MSG ushers and security did there best
  5. I have been getting on with my life quite well, thank you. Today was the first time I posted here in a long time. I got to see the Allman Brothers Band ( Or not really the Allman Brothers because Dwane died in 1969, oh and Dicky Betts quit/got kicked out about 20 years ago ) 4 times this year because ....... Wait for it ....... THEY ANOUNCED THAT THEY WOULD STOP PLAYING. AFTER OCTOBER. I made a big effort to see them, I enjoyed the shows and will let them do whatever projects they want. If something new they do catches my ear I will buy it or go to see it. They gave me that oppor
  6. To put it another way people often describe getting a obscene large lump of money as FUCK YOU money..... ROBERT HAS THAT AND TOLD EVERYONE TO FUCK OFF
  7. Oh, so after the O2 concert when Robert hinted of a reunion to hype his hillbilly album NO PROBLEM...... Or when he is pushing Strange Sensation 'ya know I am free in 14 ( for Zeppelin ) but come see me now....... So now we here he rips up a contract and tells the band (AND THE WORLD) fuck off...... THAT IS SELFISH!!!!!! SOURCES WIKIPEDIA and ME from wiki: After years of reunion rumours, Led Zeppelin performed a full two-hour set on 10 December 2007 at the Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert, with Jason again filling in on drums. Despite enormous public demand, Plant declined a $200 mill
  8. Am I the only one who feels if the world just stopped buying his stuff and going to his concerts HE would be the one begging JP to put the band back together. At this point in his life he might need a tax problem or bad investment or two to really get the ball rolling, but in my mind he as always been the selfish one. STOP BLOWING SMOKE UP HIS ASS...... HIS SHIT STINKS JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. And his "new" music for the last 30 years SUCKS..... THAT IS MY OPINION
  9. I saw that. I just put a space on the first line and my street address on the second. With all the phd's in the USPS I am sure they will figure out how to deliver to you.
  10. Yay.... Just ordered a signed and a delux.... Keep em comming Jimmy!!
  11. I grew up "shagging" fly balls for Bobby V. Have a good time Monday
  12. There are a number of good bars less than a block from the Palace Theater. I live in the area and know the owners/ managers of a few. If people are interested I can arrange a room or tables for everyone to get together before and after the show. KEVIN
  13. Check out these guys... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Band_of_Skulls Their music is featured on TV and video games...... Kevin
  14. TCV anounced today tour dates for JAPAN. Wednesday, July 28th @ Shibuya -AX Tickets go on Sale Saturday, June 19th
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