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  1. ...but it is part and parcel of being a so-called 'public figure'. So...
  2. That and a more 'direct' album than 'In through the out door', apparently....(see 'John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums', Chris Welch & Geoff Nicholls, pag.121 - or the recent Hoskyns' book, pag. 431);
  3. RH: Where's rock and roll headed? Lemmy: I don't understand these people in plaid shirts looking at their shoes. If you're gonna be a fucking rock star, go be one. People don't want to see the guy next door on the stage, they want to see a being from another planet. You want to see somebody you'd never meet in ordinary life, for a start. You want to see a being from somewhere else, who comes to your planet, fucks you up and goes away again. That's the idea with rock and roll. It should be amazing from start to finish and not ordinary So true....
  4. true. in fact, I like the 'demo/bootleg' version better....
  5. Hot Dog, D'yer Mak'er & the Crunge may not be the best of the Zeppelin's canon but they represent beautifully their obvious sense of humour...they're simply fun songs. A completely different side from the 'serious' one of Immigrant Song, Kashmir, etc. The only Zeppelin song I tend to skip now and then is 'All my love': serious, poppy, somewhat dated by the synth solo and with a structure not terribly original. Only my humble opinion...
  6. Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker, Since I've been loving you, No Quarter, Kashmir. Non Zep: Song to the Siren.
  7. to BONZOLED942: With all due respect I seriously doubt Bonzo invented it... (see Purdie videos above!) Great videos, interesting thread!
  8. #1: 'No acoustic set. Why?' #2: 'For your life' debuted live that night. Why it was never played in the 70's'?
  9. How the West Was Won...The BBC set is excellent but I had some difficulty in considering it a 'real' live album.
  10. mmmm....I'll believe it when I'll see it. Too many hopes shattered in the past
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