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  1. that scene makes me nauseous for SO many different reasons.
  2. My Time Is Gonna Come

  3. Happy Birthday Jimmy!

  4. That is only Drop D. It simply changes what you play on the low E string. You can pretty much play the song either way with very little difference, but it is 'better' in drop D (for the droning low D at one specific point after/during the solo ------------ "Did you ever really need somebody, really need them bad..."
  5. I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure that Embryo #1 was in open D (DADF#AD). Atleast that's how I figured it out. As far as Embryo #2 is concerned, I believe Page is actually playing a 6-string bass (Fender Custom Shop 'Bajo Sexto') - shaped like a tele with a whammy (essentially a baritone Telecaster). He had it custom built for him in the 90's, I think. Pretty damn cool.
  6. Remember that he would often use slightly different tunings when playing some of the songs live (ex. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp live he would play in open G rather than F, but for the most part these were simply key changes) Also, I have no idea if he stayed in the same tuning for When the Levee Breaks on 'No Quarter.' (playing on the Ovation 12-string). Hard to tell.
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