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  1. Been thinkn bout this for a while,.... Sabbath Kicks Ass,... Van Halen RULES.... The Beatles are oooh soo Killer..... and The Rolling Stones Rock! The Who is Bad to the Bone.... The Cream is Icing on the Cake! Hendrix is Amazing.... and Lynard Skynard is too! Bad Company I Digg.... Foghat is Cool.... Foreigner is Sweet ,....BUT!!! If I was a Guitar Player (which I aint) I'd play a Les Paul and a Stack or 2 of Marshalls! I wanna Jamm w/JPJ!!! and I've been lookn for a Robert Plant look alike, to start a Band with , ...; still lookn btw,.... JOHN HENRY BONHAM!????,... I'm 50! and
  2. Bought 2 mags., last nite! Good reading about these mags, in this 4/m dough. Thx.!,...Ladies and Gentleman. But (that 'WORD' w/a Crack in it) qoute Jason Bonham back in 96-7-or 8, hehe (dah'e!) as we were getn a BUZZZZZ on,... "There were Money Trucks coming to the House, ALL THE TIME!!!"
  3. I've listened too the 'Dress Rehearsal' twice! Listened too the CD's in my Silverado for two days,..... I watched the actual Concert last nite,.... The Boys are Bad!!! They all AMPED it up another notch or two, for the 02 Performance,...imho I did not hear One Squek cumn from a Speed King dough! FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE and it is a 'TREAT' for Young and Old! Les Pauls RULE!!!
  4. This is a 'Treat' for 'Us', the Fans! Watched the Rehearsal DVD last nite, Since I've Been Loving You-Dazed and Confused are my Favorites, already!!! Ya just cant beat getting to watch and hear, most importantly, what goes on behind the Scenes. X-Cellent Audio!, but this is coming thru, a pair of Klipsch K-Horns and a Parasound 410 watt amp. I use my Yamaha Recievcer w/DSP for a Pre-Amp sorta speak, but ,....Thanksgiving in my House will be a tad on the English Rock Band viewing, and Listening! I got my Deluxe Version from Best Buy for $24.98. Thats 7 or 8 dollars off sticker. I wonder w
  5. K,.... Is this where they Rehearsed? That's still just Rehearsal. Not a 'Warm Up Gig'
  6. DVD Options? I ain't got know DVD yet! Don't get released here in the States till the 19th.
  7. Fellows!,....Boys!, ghhhhhm, Young Men, THIS ISNT MAJOR LEAGUE Baseball, or the NFL or NBA! Plant has always been the one 'Not' to reform Zep. Meeting and Talking to Jason Bonham, he will agree, and tell ya, how it is. Zeppelin, would be the 'Highlite' of veiwing and most importantly Listening to a Band from the 60's-70's. Rolling Stones, The Who, are still Performing. But the 'Mighty Led Zeppelin' has shown over the years, and in my opinion, should not reform and Tour! The 02 is such a 'TREAT' !!! It is a Phenominal Performance! Just think, Page had broke his lil pinky finger 2 or 3 w
  8. Just joined, and been reading bout the 'Premire' in NYC., and mentions of elsewhere around the World. Been a Drummer since 1976 and well ,yes, John Henry Bonham (R.I.P.) was a BIG Infliuence,...and Still is Quote; Jason Bonham, who I personnally fed 6 Red Dog Brewskies @ The Blue Note Cafe in Cincinnati back in 1996 or 95, or 97-98 (Dah-hehe!) when I handed him the 6th one 20 minutes b/4 he was going on to 'Hail - The Led Zeppelin!',.... say this w/a English Accent,.... "You Still Want Me to Play Good, OR NOT!???' Hi
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