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  1. Second Knebworth show in '79... I was 15... I remember it like it was yesterday.
  2. Tickets don't have to be expensive... If the Stones & U2 can charge between $75 & $125 for tickets, there's no reason Zep couldn't... They could always do the shitty Gold ticket first 20 rows... It's not like the show at O2 was a big production, so it wouldn't be that expensive to take that show on the road.
  3. Going to the United Palace Theater tonight... Can't wait!
  4. I think the bill would work... but as a Zeppelin fan there's no way I'd wanna stand in the middle of bunch of moshing Metallica fans. Did you see the crows at Woodstock II? Horrible! And that is what audiences - especially in the US - have regressed to... Mudchucking, moshing, violent, disrespectful & hateful (how many rapes were there at Woodstock?). Personally I just wouldn't want to stand in a field, stadium or arena with a crowd like that.
  5. Stairway for me... I didn't even put it on my ipod when I put the collection on there...
  6. I hope they do their research & get the ticketing right... Don't let the scalpers, the ebayers & other scumbags of this world take the ticket prices out of our price range. Limit ticket sales to two per person, make all the the tix etix and don't deliver them until two days before the shows... Just do ANYTHING you can to keep the tickets in the hands of the real fans who don't have a spare coupla thousand dollars. And keep the goddamn guest lists & freebies down... real fans who couldn't get a ticket really don't need to see the likes of Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell swanning a
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