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  1. Indeed I also think he is referring to Benji LeFever. He was VERY close to the band and was Robert's assistant and helped with security. He was one of the people that found Bonzo the day he died.
  2. Hello. Looking for a couple of items if anyone can help or steer me in the right direction. i am looking for a Japanese acetate named "Zwarlul" there were two of these. I am also seeking the black and red Mothership promo blimp. Finders fee or top end Zeppelin trade as I have some real gems. Keep that Zeppelin flame alive!!
  3. Steve, can you get me a picture of the Japanease release (mylar) for the BBC sessions? i have talked to two that have it (they say) but no pictures. Any help would rock. Also any info on teh black blimp I mentioned above.
  4. Well this may not be exactly what you were looking for but I will at least pose the question. "Who stole the money from the safe deposit box at the drake Hotel?" I have heard MANY rumors but was it ever proven who stole it?
  5. Hello Steve. i see you are from Japan. I have just aquired a rare Japanese Led Zeppelin promo blimp. It is missing it's card so I was trying to track down which album or event it was released for. I have a very strong suspecion that it is for TSRTS as it is a dead ringer of the yellow blimp above in this thread. This blimp is black and has silver Led Zeppelin on each side. Could you shed any light on this one? Randy
  6. Hello Steve or any other Led Zeppelin blimps collectors. i have now uncovered a unknown Japanease Led Zeppelin promo blimp. I believe it to be for TSRTS but.................it's hanging card is missing. The blimp is exactly like the Yellow blimp the Rick Barrett had many years ago. It was fetured in guitar world magazine a few years back. It is the same shape, lettering and the gondola is a dead match. The blimp is black with silver "Led Zeppelin" on each side. Can ANYONE shed some light on this rare Led Zeppelin promo blimp? Steve, it is a Japan release so thought you might uncover something.
  7. On the subjust of the latest covers (Mothership/Celebration Day) I agree with the above post on the lack of shall we say "imagination" They seem to be basic to a fault and not a good "blend' of the colours used. Now right up, I myself could do no better so I am thankful we have something to hold in our hands even it it was just and old brown cover with " Pb " ) I just wish they had made us "think" just a bit more. My 2cents.
  8. hey we forgot another of the BIG Zeps. The "Stonehenge" set for Oakland! Little side story. One of my friends knew a guy that worked for one of the production companies surrounding that show. After it was over he was offered the Stonehenge set!! Now I do NOT know if it was offered as a fovor or for a sum but the guy didn't take it because he said he didn't have anywhere to store it!! Wonder when that set is now? Another "ultimate" promo blimp.
  9. Steve, I am not 100% but look at the lettering on the building it is anchored to................big givewaway me-thinks.
  10. Hello again Steve. I just noticed you are from Tokyo. That is a hot bed for some of the most sought after blimps. Japan was the release point for the famous Yellow promo blimp that is in the collector books that Rick Barrett had and sold. There are a few more out there and also a mylar BBC from Japan. Do you have pictures of any of these. Here is the yellow blimp
  11. Hi Steve. Man you are a true blue Zep friend. I really appericiate you sending the pictures. I was really supprised to see your picture of the German Zep II blimp. That is indeed a rare bird. now I have the ones in the pictures but am desperataly looking for a few more that are really rare. I will try to up load some pictures also mabye try a reagular email. I am gonna try to top your mother ship blimp, check out this one:)))
  12. Hello all. I am an old (59) Zep lover and collector. I wanted to see if anyone had a comprehensive list of the "official" Led Zeppelin promo blimps released over the years. Now in this list I am speaking of vinyl or mylar blow-up and the cardboard blimps released. I am trying to complete a promo blimp collection and wondered if anyone had a list of some of the more rare and obscure one's. Seems most of the rarest are overseas releases. I would LOVE to exchange any and all information anyone might share with a Zep junkie.
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