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  1. How about a full leg tattoo of Page's Dragon pants, so when your at the beach and your pants are off, it's as if your actually wearing the dragon pants! -Sign me up!!!
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Starship
  3. Does Robert always carry around a roll of quarters? He must have a lot of laundry to do..
  4. I saw one at the Zeppelin display at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.. Although, I don't know if it was actually owned by Bonham or just one of his kits donated by Ludwig..
  5. Your desert island suitcase has room for only one of these dvd's. Which one will you choose? Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same -or- Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii
  6. So your saying you'll have zero interest in any of countless links to youtube footage which will be posted within hours of the performance? Puh-leaze!
  7. Love these personal show diaries.. Zeppelin and Chicago! Both dear to my heart..
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