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  1. He looks pretty much the same to me.
  2. I love that smile. Saw him with his glasses on. so adorable
  3. Yeah I noticed that too! Usually we have two or three pages a day to skim through and now nothing. ... Im at a loss for words
  4. wow you cleaned it up really well!
  5. there is a natural curl. I say that because it is more then a wave to the hair. If you look at the pictures of him now, he has a curly pony tale.. its not a bun. I doubt he would curl his hair to this day and put it in a pony tale, even in 98 when I saw him at red rocks in Colorado, he had a natural curl to the short hair he had. He needed a trim that day honestly. Still looked wonderful though. but there is a natural curl to his hair, its soft but still...what woman wouldn;t want a man with soft coal black curls?
  6. hmmm. Perhaps you are right. I didnt take into account the luggage looks recent. I was looking at the clothing, granted the clothes he is wearing looks like something from the mid to late 70s and something our's has worn.
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