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  1. The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice; ive been getting into these guys ALOT lately.
  2. did anyone here say Communication Breakdown, yet? cause that's what i would've picked, along with Fool in the Rain, Moby Dick (a spotlight for Jason of course), Houses of the Holy (the song), etc.
  3. so am i when my birthday comes along (that's 18 days!) and i go to like Best Buy or something, and oh, by the way, im Michael and i used to be on here from time and time again until several months ago when my mother caught me doing this forum crap, and i might not do as much talking here than usual, so yeah, just to let you (and everyone else here for that matter) know, that's all.
  4. it looks like the remastering process for these box sets are finished and are setting for retail stores sometime next year everyone!
  5. i thought u guys were talking about the albums, not the live stuff LOL, but anyway, its Celebration Day for me.
  6. ummmm so are u guys sayin that the new remasters have been released or not?
  7. both sounds fine for me, the band is the band and idc if they rock better in one place than another. ITS JUST LED ZEPPELIN GODDAMNIT!!!!!
  8. today marks the 42nd anniversary of the release of LZ's masterpiece: the one with no official title. I'd like to see the celebration and ur thoughts on the album in this topic!!
  9. I don't care what i think for the album (old and new) except its just fantastic!! (film and album)
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