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  1. Is Live Blueberry Hill the only time Led Zeppelin performed Out on the Tiles? Other than the intro to Black Dog and Moby Dick.
  2. Jimmy's Stairway to Heaven performances on the Outrider tour were the best up to that point. Definitely better than for example the ARMS stairway rendition.
  3. Do you guys think the o2 Kashmir was the best ever? Or was it the 1979 Knebworth?
  4. I also heard that some Outrider demo tapes were stolen from Page. I wonder if there were some hidden gems on those tapes.
  5. I think "Wastin My Time" has that bluesy hard rock feel.
  6. I personally like Outrider I think has more of Jimmy's hard rock and bluesy feel. Unlike some of Robert's later projects. (I enjoy Robert's solo career as well)
  7. I've heard about Blueberry Hill does anybody know where I can buy it.
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