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  1. Spot on ^ I didn't find myself enjoying the show a whole lot. The only reason I got it is so my collection looks more impressive
  2. I read When Giants Walked The Earth: LZ Biography (so I'm basically a LZ professional ) and the author talks about this. The story is basically: Bowie was hanging out with Page and they talked briefly about the occult and then Bowie said something that offended Page and then Page made him leave. Bowie was convinced page put a curse on him. And apparently he was trying to perform a magick ritual or something and his pool lit up and started bubbling and it was definitely something 'not from this world'. Cocaine is a hell of a drug! Who doesn't love that paranoid delusional state?!
  3. What about that 4 1/2 show they did in Boston?
  4. Besides all their albums, I have maybe 70 shows (via the internet, so nothing special). I pretty much have everything I want. Now I'm just filling in the gaps. I really need more hard drive space and to get it all organized xD Question - I have a promo CD version of the BBC Sessions (From a radio station). Is it worth anything? I know i's probably not, just throwing it out there. Thanks
  5. I don't want to be this guy... I've been reading "When Giants Walked The Earth" (LZ Biography) and according to it Grant (LZ Manager) told them weeks prior that they had a tour in America that would start on Boxing Day, and informed them that was the day after Christmas in case they didn't know. Plant, Jones, and Bonzo wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with their wives, sadly. They were scheduled to leave December 23rd. And they did. Besides Jones, who went his own way, spent Christmas with his wife and some musician I can't recall in New Jersey, and met the rest of the band backstage before their first gig.
  6. Yes, I'm sure I mean the '71 montreux show, I'm not sure if i have the '70 one. I got it recently, a remaster, maybe it's an upgrade from what you have heard? Or maybe we just have different tastes. It doesn't sound too bad at all to my ears, and considering the performance quality I can put up with not perfect quality. I suppose it isn't one of the best. Now the 9/9/71 show i can see where you are coming from. It's not unlistenable by any means, though. The sound is a bit warming to me, and I love the performance. Those were meant to be shows I enjoy listening to, not a definitive list of the best of the best. Sorry if i didn't make that clear. I'm a bit new to LZ bootlegs, and I don't really know what I'm talking about. I don't mind listening to some poorer sounding shows if the performance is good. If you need help with queen bootlegs I'm the guy
  7. In terms of performance and quality... Blueberry Hill (of course) For Badgeholders only 06/23/77 Landover Maryland 5/25/77 (great soundboard) Montreux 8/7/1971 (Robert Plant is on fire, one of his best shows) 1971-09-09 South Hampton (4 Zoso songs played before they were released, great show) just a few that come to mind.
  8. I've always heard "blow". I remember I watched School Of Rock when I was younger and there's a scene where Jack Black is singing Immigrant Song, and he definitely says "blow", or at least from what I remember. So that could be why I've always heard "blow". And there seems to be more evidence leaning towards "blow" ^^
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