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  1. Ive always been looking for a zeppelin fan club and i guess the forum is as close as it gets, good to be in contact with people with the same interests as me. Im into Kiss, Ozzy, Motorhead, Def Leppard, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, and obviusly Led Zep. Ive seen every single group in concert except for led zeppelin and one day i hope they get a drummer and do a reunion like a few years ago, so i can attend.
  2. When stairway came out pretty much every song was over looked from around its era.
  3. I know they just came through my area a few years ago, but they really need to get a drummer and come and do a fuckin show near me again, i must see them before i die.
  4. you light the lead on fire, and enjoy the show.
  5. Id diffidently check ebay or local classifieds, crazy stuff on there.
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