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  1. Hello fellow Zeppelin fans, it's been a while but today DonForgetTheSongs-365 is spotlighting "Four Sticks" from our favorite rock 'n' roll band of all time. Today's post is "John Bonham and the legend of Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks”" Enjoy!
  2. Here's my latest Don'tForgetTheSongs-365 post, Has anyone else noticed… George Harrison’s “Old Brown Shoe” is a clever homage to Bob Dylan ‘s “Highway 61?”
  3. Fans of Pete Townshend and co, here's my latest post for my Don'tForgetTheSongs365 wordpress site on the explosive mono sound of The Who’s ...“I Can See For Miles.” And follow this link to my article, thank you.
  4. Here's my latest Don't Forget The Songs365 posting of Led Zeppelin's unreleased treasure of the blues medley that is "Feels So Bad." Here's the link...enjoy!
  5. I agree, the HTWWW is my favorite. I also think, track four from the first disc of the BBC Sessions is very underrated. John Paul Jones bass is booming at the beginning of this one. Love it but not as explosive as the L.A. Forum version from HTWWW.
  6. From my wordpress site: Don't Forget The Songs 365, here's my new post on the plethora of versions of Led Zeppelin's "That's The Way." Here's the link: http://dontforgetthesongs365.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/led-zeppelin-jimmy-page-and-robert-plant-thats-the-way/
  7. I so agree. And writing my piece just naturally flowed right out of me. I love the way Led Zeppelin inspires me creatively. Most of all it's amazing knowing that I'm not the only one who feels like this about Zeppelin. This Led Zeppelin Forum is the ideal place to share our love of one of the best bands in rock history. We have a home. And the soundtrack is equally as memorable. Thank You for sharing. I'm currently working on a new piece on an acoustic number from Led Zeppelin II that Page & Plant reinterpreted on 1994's Unledded. That one will be posted next week.
  8. After watching the digitally remastered Blu-Ray of Led Zep's The Song Remains The Same, I can't stop listening to the 1973 live version of "Black Dog." I wrote about the film and my love of this redition recorded at Madison Square Garden at my Don't Forget The Songs365 wordpress site. Here's the link: Thank You for reading!
  9. After rediscovering the glorious fury in the BBC version of Zeppelin's “Communication Breakdown (circa 24.6.69).” I wrote a post on my wordpress site Don'tForgetTheSongs365 about how "Communication Breakdown" sparked The Ramones' American Punk Rock Revolution. Here's the link:
  10. "Black Dog" from TSRTS. I love Plant's call and response with the audience.
  11. You're not the only one. What do you think of the 2013 mixes? I do believe the new mix of "Dumb" is superior to Albini and how about the "new" Nirvana song, "Forgotten Tune?" I am grateful I picked up the 20th Anniversary Double Disc edition!
  12. At the moment I'm listening to: Nirvana's In Utero (2 CD - 20th Anniversary Edition) and I also have Paul Westerberg's Suicaine Gratifaction on heavy rotation!
  13. My bad. I'm, still relatively new to the Led Zeppelin forum. I figure since this was Led Zeppelin Live I was in the right place. Thanks for reading!
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