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  1. I've heard in the past that he sold that $120.00 Danelectro some time back for like 1.2 million.
  2. He was absolutely using a digitech wammy wah, he did a dive with it midway through the show which rocked my testicles clean out of my pants. Later he used it to go up an octave on a song. I'm still so blown away I can't remember which songs specifically he used it on, but I love how current he stays with all his gear, always top notch, always improving on the past. There's of course a wah in there and the board looks like a GT8 only much larger, definitely a digital pedalboard though, which did kind of shock me.
  3. Anyone ever stayed here? My friend and I are booked here and were curious if anyone else was.
  4. Dude, no offense, but if you aren't internet savvy in 2007, well....I guess it'd be like not having a TV in hour house by 1976. Not trying to offend you in any way. I wasn't on the mailing list until AFTER I won my first round ticket code, so I think your theory is just that.
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