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  1. Sorry, didnt catch what the whole advert was for, will check it out again next week :-)
  2. Think its facinating that a marketing department still see Zeppelin as a superb vehicle for selling goods, even though most people wouldnt know who or what they are all about...
  3. ledzeppete

    Any time now.....

    Be honest now, if this wasn't Robert Plant would anybody be remotely interested ? He can do whatever the hell he wants...and does... no problems with that...but what he's churned out over the last 10 years is beyond tedium...
  4. ledzeppete

    Any time now.....

    It sounds exactly like the last lot of sleep inducing songs...
  5. ledzeppete

    Any time now.....

    Lol...yes it looks that way 😂😂
  6. ledzeppete

    Any time now.....

    Oh dear...more dirge 🙄 only my opinion 👍 if you dig this stuff...enjoy when it comes out 👍👍
  7. Don't think they should try and recreate something from almost 50 years ago, that is never gonna work, so Robert's lack of enthusiasm for a full on led zep reunion is understandable... but the 3 of them plus Bonham junior could have made some new music, they didn't even need to tour or anything, just make a new record, as the musical writing talent they have is beyond comprehension...
  8. Robert can command huge crowds when the music is right, the last few years worth of plant material has been woeful, I think the new album won't shift to many numbers and the UK tour will see a few sparsly filled shows. Which kinda makes me sad, I mean this is Robert plant being blown away by dolly parton ! The penny may drop for Percy pretty soon ;-)
  9. If you go to approx. 3.25 ish on the little Maggie video, can't remember seeing those sorts of gaps for a major festival before ?
  10. I think the poor audience turnout for Plants show tells its own story
  11. Seems to me that he is just trying to stop the endless questions of reunion from the start, we all know his position, it's something we just have to accept, if at some point he changes his mind then let the party begin :-) I for one don't care for his current choice of musical direction, sounds awful to me , but the impending explosion of Zeppelin goodies that are nearly upon us is beyond exciting !
  12. If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea There would still be you and me
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