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  1. Anyone know if the Deluxe Box Set is also numbered like the previous remastered releases?
  2. Black Magic Woman - Santana
  3. Crazy little thing called love - Queen
  4. I love the shots with the Starship, but you are so right: the best picture must be one where they are playing!! Really like the one you picked
  5. Colours of a Shade - Robert Plant
  6. All 3 dispatched today, yessss! ..I can not imagine going through this 2 more times :-P
  7. Wow, thank you for this recommendation. :-)
  8. Totally agree! Please give us more official live stuff!
  9. It's Rheinland. But I don't believe the earlier release is because of Jimmy, that would be just silly ^^ And as I said, because of a strike I get my order now later on Monday, so in a way we're even
  10. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles
  11. I love them! Great music and they are so funny. Also it's really great Dave Grohl did keep up with his work after Nirvana.
  12. I did too come by them per accident, I really like their style. Anyone seen them live yet?
  13. Yeah, a Queen thread! :-) Did not expected one here to be honest. I kinda grew up with Queen (aside from Led Zep), because my Dad is a HUGE Queen-Fan (he even has an own room for all his Queen and other music stuff, it's great! :-)). So I get to listen to their songs since I was little and for me it's still one of my favourite bands of all time. I really like their early stuff, such as Queen I & II, but also 'a kind of magic' and what they did for the movies Highlander and Flash Gordon. At least Made in Heaven really touches me every time, because it is so full of emotions and breaks my heart to think about Freddie had to past so early... Really would have loved to see them live with Freddie! I saw Roger and Brian together with Paul Rodgers touring as Queen - it was a nice show but it wasn't really Queen in my opinion. There was 1/2 missing! Did anyone else saw them with Rodgers? What did you think about it? Edit: I am sorry for bad english :-)
  14. Hmm... They probably just shipped the CD's earlier. Maybe I am lucky and will get my delivery note today, but I'm not really expecting it.. Anyways, enjoy your CD's!
  15. Hello everyone! First post after just reading for a while :-) I must say you are VERY lucky that you received your CD's already!! I also am from Germany and pre-ordered the super deluxe sets, which I originally should get tomorrow. Now, apparently there is again a strike at amazon here in Germany, and now it says 'estimated delivery on June 2' Just unfair, two more days to wait :-(
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