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  1. Ya it is a great shot, that's why I am searching for a good quality version of it!
  2. I was wondering if anybody has a high quality version of this specific photo.
  3. I was there and wow it was fun! I got to meet my idol and he even asked me if I played guitar and I told that I've been playing for 8 years and he told me good luck with your guitar. I need to put my pictures on my computer but when I do I'll post them.
  4. I am surprised no know mentioned the exclusion of "Fire" because I am really bummed out about it.
  5. I would really appreciate if someone could post a guitar tab for the live version of "Thank You" from Blueberry Hill. I can't learn by ear yet, plus I am still young! So if anybody is willing to give up their time to write out this song I would really appreciate that.
  6. Question, what is the best Marshall Plexi Clone that can get the tone from How the West Was Won and other Page tones?
  7. In the studio it was to be Achilles because it sounds like Jimmy is in a kind of a struggle to play the solo, its hard to explain. But it's the best studio solo.
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