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  1. messengers

    Do I Have All The Essential Bootlegs?

    I think they did 4 gigs in Denmark that year, which ones did you like most?
  2. messengers

    Whiskey A Go Go: January 5 1969

    Noticed this as well, is it noise reduction or lossy though?
  3. I've done some Google searches on why there are two different mixes for this show; one with the hard panned guitar and vocals (I believe the most common one found on boots) and the more centered mix that is on the 1997 official release. There is also some nasty vocal distortion in spots in the more hard panned mix that is not present in the more centered mix. The only other versions I know of that has the more centered mix are an FM taping from a Japanese rebroadcast and the Last Stand Disc which presents both mixes. Is there a version of the more centered mix that would have been sourced from pre-FM? Or is it all recorded from FM? Thanks
  4. messengers

    BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    Has anyone checked the Last Stand Disc boot to see if the glitch/early fade is on that version?
  5. messengers

    Hi! New from New England

    Oh ok, I spend my weekends near Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. Nearly every weekend has been dreary weather for cycling.
  6. In the SD box you can see the photos of Page with both a Tele and his LP in 1968. My question was every song on Led Zeppelin recorded with the Tele?
  7. messengers

    Hi! New from New England

    Oh dear, the weather Yeah this has not been a great August. I like to cycle, and I've barely been able to take the bike out. Thanks a lot for the welcomes everyone.
  8. messengers

    Hi! New from New England

    Hi! I'm from New England, have been a huge Zeppelin fan for a while, the super deluxe box sets recently reinvigorated my interest in the band (only have the box for LZ1 so far, planning to get them all). I've only heard their studio recordings and some live boots, the companion discs really got me interested in looking up different mixes and takes that have been booted. My screen name is taken from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, hard bop jazz being my other favorite style of music. Thanks for having me. -messengers