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  1. This is a great story. Yet another one of the hundreds of accounts I've read of incredible encounters with Jimmy.
  2. All these pictures of him wearing various jackets with scarves, and gaps in his teeth, are from the A.R.M.S. tour. He was in terrible shape. The youtube videos from some of these shows are painful to watch.
  3. All these pictures with the gaps in his teeth, are from the A.R.M.S. tour. He was in terrible shape. Some of the youtube videos of the shows are painful to watch.
  4. The O2 show was a long time ago now. Nobody but Jimmy knows what his current ability to play is. By his own recent admission he plays very infrequently. When I met him two weeks ago at the NY book signing I took a close look at his hands. I didn't see any sign of swelling in his fingers indicating severe arthritis, but you can have arthritis in your hands without swelling. I also saw no noticeable callouses on his fingers indicating that he isn't playing regularly. I do believe that if he cannot get himself to a place where he can satisfy his own high standards, he won't play at all. It could be that is why he hasn't been playing at all. I hope it isn't so, but I think we have to accept that it is a possibility. He is 70 and most people have some degree of arthritis in their hands by that age, even if they haven't overused the joints in their hands for years.
  5. I was first in line at the New York book signing. I travelled from South Carolina on Monday, getting to New York at around noon. I went to the speaking event at the 92nd Street Y, which was awesome. On Tuesday, since I was staying near the Barnes & Noble in Union Sq. I walked over there around 2:00 to scope it out. Nobody was in line so I strolled around for a while and came back around 3:30. Still nobody in line, but it was a beautiful day and I had my stuff for the night with me, so I thought I might as well start the line. I mean I wasn't going to keep running back and forth to the square all afternoon and evening to see what the line was doing. I was there less than hour when the next people came and after that people started coming pretty regularly. By the time the store closed at 10:00 the line was nearly to the corner and the employees put up the police barricades. The experience of camping out overnight I would not have missed for anything. I live amongst people who do not understand my Zeppelin obsession so to be around people who do get it was wonderful. The night was beautiful, it never got below 55 degrees with no wind or rain. Contrary to what someone above said, the people who camped overnight did not leave any trash behind, at least not those who were at the beginning of the line, in front of the store. Our group of #1-10 became close through the night and after getting our wristbands departed for our various lodging places agreeing to meet up again at 6:00. I was so amped up I had to take a sleeping pill to get about 4 hours of sleep before getting cleaned up for the actual book signing. We got back to the store and were admitted to the 4th floor to take our seats. By now my anxiety had reached such an extreme level that I was literally shaking. When I caught sight of Jimmy I really thought I was going to pass out. Thank god there were a couple rows of employees and other people ahead of me because I do not think I would have been capable of actually being the first one to approach him. I was still shaking when it was my turn to approach him and even though I had practiced what I was going to say, I was doubting that I was going to get a single word out. But when I stepped up to the table Jimmy spoke to me first. He said, "It's so lovely to see you," and reached for my hand. In that second, my nerves melted away and a calm came over me. I said my thing which was a simple statement of how much he had meant to me over the last 45 years (I haven't told anyone exactly what I said to preserve the magic). He said, "What a lovely thing to say." Then he let go of my hand to stamp my book. Then he looked up at me again and said, "Are you wearing one of the Paul Smith scarves?" I said, "Yes, I am" and he said, "Wow, one of the rare few." Then he shook my hand and said, "Congratulations on your scarf. It was so lovely to meet you." And I said thank you, took my book and walked away. Jimmy looked directly into my eyes when he spoke to me, and each of the other people I spoke to afterwards said the same thing. It is incredible to me that he is able to make this such a personal, meaningful experience for each person. It really shows that he understands just how much he means to his fans. I think that is a rare thing. This was truly one of the most extraordinary weeks of my life.
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