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  1. Interesting thread. It actually isn't a porno but a movie called The Night Porter (which doesn't sound any less like a porno). I think the understated "here I am in Hugo Boss" caption was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, although maybe it's also vacant; at any rate it was far from any sort of explanation, which he apparently doesn't want to give. I do remember a quote from him saying that it was for shock value and that for any art to really reach its audience, it has to shock, or something to that effect. (Sorry, I don't have a citation.) I think that's BS; what, was The Song Remains the Same supposed to have more of an impact on the audience because he was in a Nazi uniform? He obviously wore it as an homage to S&M and to look "cool." It also raises a question of whether certain parts of the Nazi look can ever be glamourized or seen as cool. It sounds like Minaj ran into this problem recently. I know there have been t-shirts (and apparently even http://www.entertainmentearth.com/images/AUTOIMAGES/KBJP200lg.jpg figurines) made with him in the costume, which make me uncomfortable, but others must agree with that assessment and disregard the subtext in the outfit (assuming they are not actual Nazi sympathizers, and I think neither JP nor most people are). A sidenote: I sort of wonder how many people instantly identify that outfit as a Nazi uniform, especially since there's no swastika or red and black. Putting the outfit discussion aside, I'm unsure if this has been posted much earlier on the thread, but you can see some photos that were supposedly taken this night on this page: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1071817 If you read through the posts, you'll see someone say that he heard from a tour worker that he took angel dust rather than coke that night, which might explain why he could play through all the other nights when he was on coke, heroin, and/or alcohol but not PCP.
  2. First of all, this was hilarious, especially the part about the "scarf bloke" and the air miles. Secondly, Ross, given his "glamourous life," whines like he's been forced to work in a sweat shop for below minimum wage. He also has the impression that he's incredibly witty (e.g., see his November 19 "diary" entry in which he apparently thinks writing out the broken English of others is hilarious -- no, I'm not offended, it's just stupid). But I'll admit it takes the right person for me to find whining funny. Finally, his photos of JP are awful given JP's tendency to excessively mug for Ross's camera and RH's liberal retouching of every photo. And I'm absolutely willing to believe JP and RH have many similarities, or maybe RH just tickles the sweet spot of JP's ego. I don't, however, think RH has had much of an impact on JP's "career" of the last 14 years.
  3. Can anyone who attended confirm the Alternative Nation report? Was it indeed an exchange in earnest or was it said jokingly? If this is a real plan (as much as Jimmy's plans ever are), I would be quite excited. I think Chris has an amazing voice, but his music has never really lived up to it for me save for a couple of songs. I know Superunknown is considered a modern classic for some, but it never totally clicked for me, as much as I like grunge, grunge-inspired music, and "Cobain's ethos." I would love to hear Chris take on some Zep songs like Gallows Pole and Friends -- and some of the harder stuff as well. I'd also like Chris, in the spirit of grunge, to encourage Jimmy to continue with the heavy distortion on his guitar (O2 concert). I'm a little reluctant to allow myself to get excited when I know there's about a 1% chance of this actually happening.
  4. Edit: Just realized this was posted on the first page of the thread, sorry, but it may be worth a re-post in light of recent questions. Anyone who is interested in the Live Aid debacle might enjoy this interview with the band and Collins, if you haven't seen it already. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlkIKr0t6Tk JP is too drunk to form coherent words so that might explain his lack of concern for his guitar being in tune.
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