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  1. I: 20244 II: 28481 III: 28470 IV: 21386 HOTH: 5105 PG: 27576 P: 16416 ITTOD: 21799 C: 09020
  2. Updating my list: I: 20244 II: 28481 III: 28470 IV: 21386 HOTH: 5105 PG: 27576
  3. Yes there is. On a numbered version the front sticker on the shrink wrap and the overlay on the back of the box both state something along the lines of "individually or uniquely numbered A4 artwork print", or words to that effect. On an unnumbered version, this line states something like High quality A4 print, missing the words "individually numbered" Tony.
  4. My copy of IV has just been delivered from the USA, I'm now number 21386
  5. I would love to see the statistics on how many numbered copies they actually had and how many people received a numbered copy from Amazon UK. I don't know if there has been a logistical foul up with worldwide distribution or if someone stacked the pile the wrong way, but no one seemed to have any major issues it I, II, III or HOTH getting numbered copies, unlike IV. As previously mentioned, for all it's tax dodging evilness, in my opinion Amazon is pretty good. I would have no issues pre-ordering for the next round, if this was an acknowledged problem, but if this is an indication of limited supply in the UK for the numbered versions for future releases, I will happily take my business elsewhere, I don't like chasing around for something I want to play with as soon as it hits the doorstep. Roll on Physical Graffiti and Presence! Tony.
  6. Sorry JTM, but I disagree with you about the numbering, although I agree that the music that is important and please don't take this as a personal attack. If I was to buy from a B&M I would be able in inspect the goods before making the purchase, therefore allowing me to purchase the copy that I wanted, which would be a numbered copy. The way the shopping experience has developed over the years has lead to a whole host of chains shutting down or changing their marketing/selling strategies and therefore making online shopping the majority of the time, the only alternative, especially for items like this. The Consumer Rights Directive, which replaced the Distance Selling Regulations are in place for this type of scenario as I am unable to physically inspect the goods before making payment. I have not returned anything that not faulty as a faulty item, I have returned it as unwanted and does not fulfill my requirements, which is perfectly legal, with no dishonesty involved. If I had B&M shops near me that stocked this title, I would happily pay more to them than Amazon and I would happily spend a day ringing around them all seeing if they had a numbered copy they could reserve for me, drive to the store, look at the physical item to make and then purchase it if it's the copy I want, like we used to be able to years ago, but unfortunately I don't. I contacted several UK based independents and chains, but before I had confirmation from any of them, I saw a stockest in America that assured me they have numbered copies, so I ordered at greater expense to myself, one from them. Yes, the music is undeniably the most important thing, but to some of us, we also want something collectible. Tony.
  7. Glad to see you both got a copy. I feel Amazon UK really dropped the ball on this, it leaves me concerned over forthcoming releases. I like Amazon, easy to order, easy to return, I'm just not sure if I can bring myself to pre-order the next ones from them when they get announced. Tony.
  8. I posted in the News section about my Amazon UK order also missing the Numbered copy (First copy was actually missing the print altogether) http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/18626-new-box-sets-including-unreleased-material/?p=787850 I have sourced a copy I am assured is Numbered from an ebay seller called threewillow books, although I do not physically have it in my hands yet, They have also just listed more. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Led-Zeppelin-IV-Super-Deluxe-Edition-Box-Set-2-CD-2-180g-LP-081227964313-NEW-/151461480746? I have also had confirmation via email that Recordstore.co.uk have the numbered versions available as of 31st October. Roughtrade.com have the title, although they didn't answer if they still had the numbered versions. Hope that helps some people. Tony. ...and to stay on topic: I: 20244 II: 28481 III: 28470 IV: ????? HOTH: 5105
  9. Sorry for this being my first post, but I have a question for the UK based members. I have just received a replacement copy of the super deluxe edition of IV from Amazon UK and neither version have been one of the 30,000 uniquely serial numbered versions, despite pre-ordering IV and HOTH at the same time. I'm pretty disappointed with this as my copies of I, II, III and HOTH are all the serial numbered copies, and I intend to get them all as they are eventually released as the serial numbered versions. Does anyone know of any shops that are either based in the UK and deliver or ship to the UK that have a guaranteed numbered copy available which deliver? I've seen a couple of people complaining that the Amazon UK stock do not seem to have any numbered versions. Thanks, Tony.
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